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Make exquisite photo magnets online from your very own beloved photos

We are providing you with some new options to make a photo magnet that is sure to stay everlasting. We offer three materials specifically wood, acrylic and metal for you to create your personalized photo magnets. To blow your mind away though, we also provide four options in shape for you! Pick from square, round, heart or rectangle shapes in any different size you can and customize your favourite photos.

Metal MagnetsMetal
Wooden MagnetsWooden
Acrylic MagnetsAcrylic
square Shape MagnetsSquare
round Shape MagnetsRound
heart Shape MagnetsHeart
rectangle Shape MagnetsRectangle
Check out our design tool to see all the new options!

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Create Photo Magnets
Photo Magnets

Do a new collection of photo magnets Canada as often as you like.

Display your baby's first moments, wedding memories, travelling adventures or your whole year in review. Enjoy colours popping out brilliantly on acrylic or choose a solid foundation of metal. Our custom fridge magnets are committed to bringing style and coolness to your space.

You see, magnets aren't restricted only to kitchen space. You can attach them on the fridge, school lockers, file cabinets, or any other metal surface. You can even use them in the office area, garage space, or even workshop. How about filing your work plans by priority? Attach those step-by-step directions, or adhere that agenda somewhere where it won't get mixed in with all your paperwork!

Create Photo Magnets
Premium photo magnets are made to last

Photo magnets Canada are created to last longer than time itself.

Photo magnets are fantastic to give away as gifts. Choose a photo, add a cool quote or a message if you want and get those photo magnets to keep those incredible memories stuck with you forever. Our customized photo magnets won't let you down, we promise. With a powerful magnet embedded behind it, these photo magnets are as sturdy in keeping down papers as any paperweight. Pick from ¼-inch thick plywood, high-quality clear acrylic, or tin-plated steel. The UV-cured ink is fade-resistant. A unique polyester coating makes them even further capable of standing the test of time.

Create Your Magnets

Make these into Photo Magnets to remind you often about those good times!

Draw attention to your photos just like magnets!

Custom Photo Magnets

You can make photo magnets online nowadays to capture any happy moment. There are endless ways to turn your photos into photo magnets if given the right options in materials, templates and shapes. If you do find it anywhere else to fit your purpose than us then good luck with their quality! Because with us, you won't be able to hold designing just one photo magnet!


In the form of individual photo magnets, your photos will look amazing, no matter where: on a fridge or table. Display them in a story form or a milestone form. We will help you make the best magnets!


Make and organize magnets from photos that add fashion to your grace. Make it as an individual message centre, or project lists, in/outboards and even more. Use your favourite words and photos to play with your creativity.


Use custom magnets to get your words well delivered to people. Photo magnets can't be just official photos only by the way. You can even upload a business card or company's logo or an ad promotion to a custom piece that does the communication of your business for you! Work done easy!


It's time to share your talent with others too. Make magnets from photos of your family and friends in heart shapes! It is one of the marvellous ways to gift your favourite pictures to people who have compact wall space for decoration.


Expand your ideal skills by turning a few of your photos to magnets and then present them as an appealing story! Or transform your travelling adventures into photo magnets and save the memories far longer than having finished unpacking your suitcases.

Operate our easy-to-use photo magnet tool to commence giving a piece of your heart to your near and dear ones!

Start Your Magnet


Just add artwork or a photo to your photo magnet.
  • Acrylic Photo Magnets

    Acrylic Photo Magnets

    Decorate your space with acrylic photo glass magnets

  • Wooden Photo Magnets

    Wooden Photo Magnets

    Get wooden photo magnets for your sturdy memories

  • Metal Photo Magnets

    Metal Photo Magnets

    Metal photo magnets to keep your office, kitchen or any space designed with style.


Add round, heart or even a rectangle shape to a before original square shape to make better photo magnets.

Create custom magnet comfortably with our photo magnet design tool

Select from options with us available in sizes, shapes and materials; slowly watch your photos change into customized magnets!


We have three readily available options for you to choose from- metal, wood and acrylic. You can select a shape you favour, and the size that matches the shape will pop up on the screen. With more than one choice in sizes displayed, you may want to define precisely which size you want.



You can upload photos from your computer’s files, gallery, Facebook, or Instagram. File types that are accepted are PNG, JPG and BMP (up to 25 MB).



You can choose any colour that goes well with your picture. Or you can even upload a photo that already has a border to adjust your photo in a way that it looks good on the photo magnet.



Almost all services that give custom photo magnet services offer an option that you can print only one photo per magnet. We give you a choice of making collages even on photo magnets! Take up to two, three or four pictures and choose accordingly from various design layouts to design your photo magnets.



Make your photo magnets more meaningful with a quote or a caption. Choose from various fonts and sizes, alignment and style, and some colour options to make the best custom piece you can give to yourself or to others.



When you are out of options, you need not worry about it. You can choose from the options we provide in clip art to go with your quote or a personalized message. Thanks to our photo magnets you can capture all the moments you have to remember forever.


We know you have particular questions regarding our photo magnets. You can check some questions asked often as below or contact us for any assistance.

What kind of surfaces can a photo magnet adhere to?

Our photo magnets have a good earth magnet fixed at the back of your detailed photo printed for a stronghold. For your general information, magnets can mostly attach strongly to iron, nickel and cobalt, as well as blended-iron metals, such as steel. People mostly stick magnets on the fridge, lockers, metal shelves, file cabinets and even whiteboards. One should always keep in mind one thing that magnets should be held away from tablets, laptops, smartphones, or anything with a magnetic range.

Why are fridge magnets so synonymous with kitchen decor?

Magnets were designed for the space industry by a creator called Sam Hardcastle. These magnets were initially meant to be used for letters and numbers on large-scale tracking charts. Somehow, the needs for magnets grew for different purposes. So new techniques for moulding them were developed, and Hardcastle began producing magnets for the souvenir industry. And they very soon converted into a collector’s items.

Today, magnets are mostly used as everyday household items that allow for unique decorating possibilities on any unused metal space. Instead of beautifying just your fridge with your photos prints, you can now have your wanted images created into photo magnets. Also, enterprises can create customized promotional magnets for marketing purposes to keep their brand on top of the mind of their consumers and clients.

What are the best ways to give photo magnets as gifts?

Because of their small, handy size and ability to fit conveniently in envelopes, photo magnets can create a perfect canvas for a collection of fun times. Baby's first moments, baptism celebration, graduation, and wedding announcements can last forever when they’re printed on photo magnets.

Christmas and other festivals

Family photos are what makes Christmas a Christmas in a Christmas card or gift. Open yearly traditions with a personalized token of your recent vacation. Make sure to keep one for yourself to create a photo collage of all the fascinating places you’ve visited.

Dorms, First Apartments, or Office

Witty quotes and funny images can cheer up empty dorm rooms or bachelor apartments as it is difficult to find permanent decorating options for them. Photo magnets are also noticeable in the office whiteboards or file cabinets. Even photo magnets are suitable as Secret Santa gifts for colleagues.

Get Creative

Customized photo gifts are a great reason to set up a photo shoot. Get innovative and switch things up: different poses or props in burst mode can create a winning “photo booth” look that can give inspirational character to time, while different angles of the same location can create a different scenic effect.

How can I use customized magnets to promote my work?

Personalized magnets are suitable for even broadcasting as it helps clients and consumers store the most important info about your business. Keep your valuable business contact info from slipping through the mindsets by making it a functional magnet. Executives can create a bright and lasting impact by showing their work without the hassle of hyperlinks and shortcuts.

Also due to their small size, photo magnets can easily be presented away with flyers or given out at tradeshows and conferences. As they’re not printed on paper, magnets can persevere harsh travel conditions like bad weather which might damage other promotional items.

How do I create my custom photo fridge magnets?

Designing your very own personalised photo magnets is easily available with our online Canvas Champ photo magnet tool. You only need to upload the image of your choice, and our photo magnet tool will help you walk through the different materials, shapes, layouts, sizes and border options. Editing your photo magnet over becomes simple to understand at this stage to guarantee your photo magnet to turn out the way you want it.

You can add custom text during these steps very quickly too. We also offer a good collection of clip art images to give a playful or personal touch to a photo or text. Primary magnets are elongated, so pictures taken on your phone are already ready to go. But you can choose a rectangle, square, heart, or round shape also.

Our magnets are printed with the help of Epson Ultra Chrome GS inks on Ribermark Endura Light 150 PVC-free paper and protected with a Mylar PET polyester film coating for long-lasting endurance. A powerful earth magnet glazed with a black polypropylene back gives it a stronghold on heavy papers.


We offer a wide array of custom photo products that make great gifts for everyone on your list, not to mention exceptional ways to display photos and artwork in your own home. Here are just a few:
  • Photo Pillows Gifts

    Photo Pillow Gifts

    Custom throw pillows featuring your photos or artwork can add a colourful significance to your home.

  • Personalized Mugs

    Personalized Mugs

    A mug customized with a favourite photo will quickly become the favourite mug – whether it’s a ceramic mug or magic mug.

  • Photo Canvas

    Photo Canvas

    Transform treasured photos into museum-quality works of art, guaranteed to last a lifetime.

  • Personalized Coasters

    Personalized Coasters

    A coaster, customized with a beautiful or entertaining photo, will not only protect furniture but serve as a conversation starter.