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Customizable Canvas Wrap Options

Gallery wrap envelops your image around the edges while in a museum wrap, an image is shown only on the front of the canvas with a matching color around it.

  • Mirror Wrap

    Mirror Wrap

    Depending on the thickness selected (0.50” or 0.75”), a printed photo is wrapped around the stretcher frame. This option is chosen when elements near the edges of the image would otherwise end up on the border of an image wrap.

  • Image Wrap

    Image Wrap

    The standard canvas edge option is the "image wrap.” Either 0.50” or 0.75” from the sides of the image is extended over the edges of the stretcher frame. This method will crop some of your images on the front of the canvas.

  • Custom Color Wrap

    Custom Color Wrap

    If you want to match your option more closely to the color of your walls, this wrap is perfect as it lets you choose a matching color from our palette picker.

  • White Border Color

    White Border Color

    White is good for making your art appear floating off of the light walls and for photos that contain a lot of light areas.

  • Black Border Color

    Black Border Color

    Keep the image at the front plane and leave the edges with solid black color to make it a timeless piece of canvas artwork.

  • Other Canvas Stretching Options

    Quality Wood Frame for Canvas Printing. The selection of the thickness of the canvas for your dream canvas wall art or canvas prints plays a vital role in the final outcome of the picture. The canvas available in the market is basically of Three types

  • Canvas Lite

    Canvas Lite

    This canvas is 0.50 inch thick and it is the lightest version in canvas sizes - best for desk or shelf displays.

  • Thin-Wrap Canvas

    Thin-Wrap Canvas

    This canvas is 0.75 inch thick and is preferable for the smaller-sized canvas prints.

  • Thick wrap

    Thick wrap

    This canvas is 1.50 inch thick and gives the studiest version in canvas sizes - best for larger displays.

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