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Custom Photo Yoga Mat

Custom Photo Yoga Mat

Most yoga enthusiasts find it hard to stay motivated for a long time. That is where our personalized yoga mats help beginners start their yoga journey while staying motivated. With their firm grip, you can remain stable while doing yoga.

It is said that health should be the first priority for everyone then why stop yourself from being fit? Take a fresh start and design your photo-printed personalized Yoga mat online on CanvasChamp and introduce a healthy lifestyle habit forever.

Get Cozy with Custom Yoga Mats

Get Cozy with Custom Yoga Mats

CanvasChamps’ yoga mats with photos are a must purchase for yoga enthusiasts. So, what is stopping you from doing so? Get personalized yoga mats from CanvasChamp.

Not just this, you can shape your mat according to your imagination. Print your favorite pictures or designs, as the possibilities are endless. Just imagine what would motivate you to do yoga daily, and then you can have that printed on your custom design yoga mat. It is that simple!!

Why Choose CanvasChamp to gift Yoga Mat?

  • Must-have accessory for fitness enthusiast
  • For birthday and get together gifts
  • Promotional Events
  • Housewarming gift
  • Baby shower party
  • Or any other day that needs to be celebrated.

Showcase Best Relationship Moments on Yoga Mats

  • Family Photo

    Family Photo

    Get your family picture printed on the yoga mat and enjoy their company while doing yoga.

  • Father Photo

    Father Photo

    Let your dad encourage you to achieve great heights every single day. Gift him printful yoga mats for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Mother Photo

    Mother Photo

    Mothers can always make you feel alive even if you are tired. Get your mother’s picture on the yoga mat.

  • Sibling Photo

    Sibling Photo

    No one else is as crazy as your sibling but still you miss them some time, isn’t it? Get their laughing pictures printed on the mat.

  • Sister Photo

    Sister Photo

    Sisters are your second mother. Let your sister motivate you throughout the yoga session.

  • Brother Photo

    Brother Photo

    Get your brother’s picture customized on the yoga mat and encourage them to do yoga with you instead of hanging around.

  • Wife Photo

    Wife Photo

    Here comes your love. Get your wife’s picture on the mat and remind her to start their day with a peaceful session with you.

  • Husband Photo

    Husband Photo

    Encourage your husband to take some time out and spend some with you while doing yoga together.

  • Daughter Photo

    Daughter Photo

    Daughters are indeed a blessing. Get her picture personalized on the mat and get them to do some poses.

  • Son Photo

    Son Photo

    Get your son’s picture on the mat and encourage him to start his day with a sound yoga session with you.

  • Girlfriend Photo

    Girlfriend Photo

    Excited to do couple yoga? It is time to get a custom yoga mat with your girl’s picture on it so that you never miss any yoga session.

  • Boyfriend Photo

    Boyfriend Photo

    Surprise your boyfriend with a cool yoga mat that has his most lovable memory printed on it – he will love you back for this.

Lovable Designs for Your Custom Printed Yoga Mat

Lovable Designs for Your Custom Printed Yoga Mat

A Breathtaking Sunset/night Sky Print on Mat

Why go outside to see the sunset or moon rise when you can print them on a custom yoga mat and see them every day?

Soothing Round Mandala Prints

Looking for a perfect mat design to perform meditation? A soothing round mandala design will fit best.

Thunderbird and Arrow Print on Mat

Bring thunder with your yoga mats that have amazing thunderbird and arrow prints.

Print Seven Chakras Lotus Designs

Align your inner self with an evoking seven chakras lotus designs printed on your custom yoga mat.

Take a Deeper Yoga Path with Ornamental Decor Print

If you are a passionate lover of art a mat design with ornamental decor print will be something you will surely love.

Custom Yoga Mats for Businesses

Custom Yoga Mats for Businesses

Ever thought of using yoga mats as promotional stuff? If not, then it is time to consider it. With the world going crazy over yoga, we are sure your customers will love them. Custom logo yoga mats are one of the best ways to promote a health-related venture such as a gym, yoga center, or any other health-related business.

Simply print your brand name, logo or other assets and customize the mat to match your brand image. These custom printed yoga mats can be used in business events or events used as a reward for the employees.

So, are you ready to promote your brand using custom yoga mats with logo? Get your personalized yoga mat now!!

FAQs on Custom Yoga Mat

What Is the Best Thickness for a Yoga Mat?

The best thickness for a firm grip yoga mat is 4mm to 5 mm.

Can I Make My Yoga Mat?

Yes, CanvasChamp is a leading custom yoga mats manufacturer. Simply visit our website and follow a few steps to get your own printed yoga mat.

Is A 4 mm or 5 mm Yoga Mat Better?

If you want a soft-landing yoga mat, you can go for a size between 4 mm to 5 mm

How To Print Yoga Mats?

To get your printed yoga mat, you need to upload your picture using the design tool on the CanvasChamp yoga mat website.

How to customize your yoga mat.

You can customize your yoga mat by uploading a photo on our website.