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Custom Travel Pillows
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  • Custom Neck Pillow in U Shape

    Sublimation Printing

    Reasons to Choose Custom Neck Pillows:

    • CanvasChamp's custom travel neck pillows are crafted from high-grade durable polyester fabric and can be printed on both sides.
    • Our cutting-edge printing technology ensures long-lasting, vibrant prints on your personalized car neck pillow.
    • We offer a range of custom neck pillow of U-Shaped sizes: Small for our young travellers, Medium for optimal support, and Adult Large for extra comfort.
    • Our custom-made pillows for neck pain are designed to alleviate travel discomfort, providing substantial neck support.
    • Perfect for gifting, our custom neck pillows cater to personal and professional connections, making them an excellent choice for various occasions.
    • From napping on planes to lounging at home, experience unmatched comfort anywhere with our custom neck pillow.

    Why Buy Custom Neck Pillows from CanvasChamp?

    • Best Quality Assured

    • Custom Design Options

    • Free Shipping Over C$99

    • Easy Return Policy

    • Lowest Price Guaranteed

    Different Sizes for Custom Neck Pillows

    Explore our customized neck pillows in various sizes. CanvasChamp’s custom travel pillows provide tailored comfort for both children and adults.

    • Kids Small U Shaped Pillow

      Kids Small U Shaped Pillow

      Crafted for the little ones, our 13" custom neck pillow ensures comfort during those family trips or even nap time at home. Its size adequately supports young necks, keeping them safe from strains. Customise it with fun and vibrant prints and let it become your child's favourite travel companion.

    • Adult Medium U Shaped Pillow

      Adult Medium U Shaped Pillow

      Our 17" Adult Medium custom neck pillow is the go-to choose for most adults, providing optimal support for your neck during long journeys. It is designed to alleviate discomfort and neck pain. Travel, work, or rest at home - this custom neck pillow caters to all needs, combining comfort with style.

    • Adult Large U Shaped Pillow

      Adult Large U Shaped Pillow

      Our 19.75" Adult Large custom neck pillow is the ultimate choice for those seeking extra comfort. Its size offers an extra cushioning layer, ensuring maximum support and comfort during extended travel or rest. This is not just a custom travel pillow; it's a commitment to enhancing your comfort during each journey, made to suit your needs perfectly.

    Creative Ideas for Custom U-Shaped Pillows

    Exploring Unique and Vibrant Designs for Your Customized Neck Pillows for Travel.

    • Family Photo on Neck Pillow

      Family Photo on Neck Pillow

      Personalize a custom travel neck pillow with a series of photos showcasing different generations of your family, symbolizing the enduring love and connection that spans across time.

    • Friends Photo on Neck Pillow

      Friends Photo on Neck Pillow

      Transform the echoes of laughter and shared memories with your friends into a tangible keepsake. Design a neck pillow featuring a collage of photos capturing the thrilling and unforgettable adventures with your closest friends.

    • Groom Photo on Neck Pillow

      Groom Photo on Neck Pillow

      Steer away from traditional wedding gifts with a uniquely custom U-shaped pillow. Perfect for a pre-wedding gift, it promises comfort during the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations and sweet dreams of the impending marital bliss.

    • Bride Photo on Neck Pillow

      Bride Photo on Neck Pillow

      Gift the bride-to-be a dose of comfort laced with a touch of sentiment. Create a neck pillow adorned with a stunning photo of the bride, radiating her beauty and capturing the essence of her special day.

    • Dad Photo on Neck Pillow

      Dad Photo on Neck Pillow

      Feel your father's comforting embrace on every car ride with our Custom Car Neck Pillow. Personalize a neck pillow with a heartwarming photo of your dad or his favourite car, serving as a constant reminder of his unwavering love and support.

    • Mom Photo on Neck Pillow

      Mom Photo on Neck Pillow

      Show Mom your love by gifting a custom U-shaped pillow adorned with your family photo. Perfect for those relaxing afternoons in her reading nook or for her travels.

    • Sister Photo on Neck Pillow

      Sister Photo on Neck Pillow

      Surprise your sibling with a personalized neck pillow featuring your favourite photo together. It's a unique and fun gift that shows how much you care, and they'll think of you whenever they use it!

    • Brother Photo on Neck Pillow

      Brother Photo on Neck Pillow

      You can personalize a travel neck pillow with an action-packed photo of your brother engaged in his favourite adventure or photo of his favourite football team.

    • Wife Photo on Neck Pillow

      Wife Photo on Neck Pillow

      Give your wife a beautiful surprise with a custom neck pillow featuring your most cherished photo together. Whether it's for her daily commute, or just a cozy addition to the living room, she'll always feel your presence with this gift.

    • Husband Photo on Neck Pillow

      Husband Photo on Neck Pillow

      Show your husband how much you care with a thoughtful, custom U-shaped pillow featuring his favourite photo of the two of you on your Honeymoon.

    • Couple Photo on Neck Pillow

      Couple Photo on Neck Pillow

      Give your significant other a U-shaped pillow showcasing a cherished photo of you two. Every time they use it, they'll be reminded of your bond and the special moments you've shared together.

    • Pet Photo on Neck Pillow

      Pet Photo on Neck Pillow

      Get a pet-themed custom travel pillow featuring your adorable pet's picture with their favourite toys. It's perfect for pet lovers who want to take their furry friends on their journeys, even when they can't physically do so.

    • Baby Photo on Neck Pillow

      Baby Photo on Neck Pillow

      As a new parent, enjoy the comfort of a personalized neck pillow with your baby's cutest snapshot. It's perfect for late-night feedings, long road trips, or even just a comfy accessory for your nursery!

    • Disney Neck Pillow

      Disney Neck Pillow

      Make your travels magical with a Disney-themed custom travel neck pillow. Choose your favourite character or scene from a beloved Disney film and transform it into a cozy travel companion!

    • Cartoon Neck Pillow

      Cartoon Neck Pillow

      For animation fanatics, a custom U-shaped pillow featuring their favourite cartoon character could be the perfect travel accessory. Let them travel in style and comfort with their favourite animated buddy.

    • Girlfriend Photo on Neck Pillow

      Girlfriend Photo on Neck Pillow

      Keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship with a personalized neck pillow featuring your partner's photo. It's a comforting presence that helps bridge the distance between you two.

    • Boyfriend Photo on Neck Pillow

      Boyfriend Photo on Neck Pillow

      Embrace a playful twist on gifting with a custom U-shaped pillow adorned with a photo of an unforgettable adventure you both shared. The perfect traveling companion during solo journeys, keeping the distance less daunting and filled with warmth.

    • Daughter Photo on Neck Pillow

      Daughter Photo on Neck Pillow

      Capture your daughter's radiant smile on a custom U-shaped pillow, transforming it into an exquisite piece of luxury. It will be a beautiful testament to her growing years, bringing joy and comfort with every use, whether on road trips or as a charming bedroom accessory.

    • Son Photo on Neck Pillow

      Son Photo on Neck Pillow

      How about immortalizing your son's milestone moment, like his first bicycle ride or graduation day, on a custom-made neck pillow for neck pain? A wonderful gift that serves as a travel comfort and as a cherished keepsake of childhood memories.

    • Grandparents Photo on Neck Pillow

      Grandparents Photo on Neck Pillow

      Remind your grandparents how much they're loved by gifting them a custom neck pillow with a family photo or their grand-children's collage. It's a warm gesture that will be appreciated.

    Add Multiple Photos on Custom Travel Pillow

    Travel in style with your personalized photo-pillow. Make every trip uniquely yours by adding multiple photos to your multi-photo custom travel pillow.

    • Add One Photo

      Add One Photo

      A single cherished photo can turn your custom pillow for neck pain into a unique and personal item. Take home's comfort with you, wherever you go.

    • Add Two Photos

      Add Two Photos

      Our two-photo custom travel neck pillow provides double the joy, allowing you to showcase two of your favourite moments or images. Customise these two-photos neck pillows with your graduation day photo & first day at office or your wedding photo on one side, your honeymoon destination on the other.

    • Add Three Photos

      Add Three Photos

      With space for three photos, our custom car neck pillow becomes a triptych of your favourite memories. Each image adds its charm, a source of relief for your neck and a nostalgic journey during your daily commutes.

    • Add Four Photos

      Add Four Photos

      The four-photo custom U-shaped pillow offers quadruple personal touch. Choose your favourite memories like a heartwarming family photo, a beautiful sunset, a memorable travel destination, your pet's adorable pose and customize your custom neck pillow with four photos that speak to your soul.

    Simple Steps to Customize Travel Pillow

    Begin your creative journey with our user-friendly process and craft your custom car neck pillow that aligns. These steps provide a hassle-free path to creating customized neck pillows that ease your travels and add a personal touch to your journeys.

    • Choose the Size of Neck Pillow

      Choose the Size of Neck Pillow

      Start by choosing the perfect size for your custom neck pillow, ensuring it meets your comfort needs. From kids to adults, we offer sizes to suit everyone's requirements; making these custom-made pillows for neck pain into your ideal travel companion.

    • Upload Photo on Neck Pillow

      Upload Photo on Neck Pillow

      Step into personalization by uploading your favourite photo onto the custom pillow for neck pain. This step breathes life into your pillow, transforming it from a simple comfort aid to a cherished keepsake that travels with you.

    • Add Clipart or Text on Neck Pillow

      Add Clipart or Text on Neck Pillow

      Make your custom travel neck pillow truly unique by adding a clipart or a meaningful text. This added layer of customization gives your pillow an artistic touch, making each journey more enjoyable.

    • Add to Cart and Buy

      Add to Cart and Buy

      Once satisfied with your design, add your custom car neck pillow to your cart and proceed to purchase. Your journey to comfort begins here, with your new customized neck pillows ready to be shipped straight to your doorstep.

    Custom Neck Pillow: A Gift of Care & Memories

    Customized Neck Pillows

    Express Your Care and Thoughtfulness with Our Personalized Travel Pillow

    The ultimate comfort gift, perfect for any occasion:

    Comfort, style, and personalization come together in our range of custom travel pillows, making them an exceptional gift choice for any occasion. Adding personalized images or text creates a unique keepsake that serves as a travel companion and a reminder of special memories or bonds. With their ergonomic design, our personalized travel pillows offer substantial support by alleviating discomfort during travel or relaxation. When you gift a custom-made pillow for neck pain, you're giving relief, comfort, and care for the well-being of your loved ones.

    And let's not forget about the little ones. With different sizes available, we've ensured that our custom neck pillows are a delightful gift for kids as well. Adorned with their favourite cartoon character or a memorable family photo, these pillows will soon become their most cherished possession.

    So, the next time you want a meaningful and practical gift, choose our custom neck pillow. They're a gift of luxury, a gift of comfort, a gift of care.

    Design Ideas for Custom U-Shaped Pillows:

    • Upload a cherished family photo on your custom car neck pillow to carry your loved ones with you on every drive.

    • Create a travel-themed design on your customised neck pillow, igniting the spirit of adventure every time you travel.

    • Design a matching set of custom car neck pillows for the whole family to bring comfort and unity to your road trips.

    • Monogram your initials on customized neck pillows for a classy and personalized touch.

    • Imprint a favourite travel memory or destination on your custom neck pillows to relive that joy during every journey.

    Usage of Custom Neck Pillow with CanvasChamp

    Usage of Custom Neck Pillow with CanvasChamp

    Experience unparalleled comfort and style with CanvasChamp. Our custom-made pillows for neck pain elevate your travel or rest experience, providing much-needed relief and a personal touch to your journeys.

    • Experience superior napping support with our custom travel pillow.

    • Travel comfortably with our custom neck pillow during lengthy plane or train rides.

    • Our personalized travel pillow is a travel essential for car or bus journeys.

    • Use our custom car neck pillow for relaxed TV watching on the bed or couch.

    • Enjoy comfortable reading sessions with our customized neck pillows.

    • CanvasChamp's custom neck pillows are perfect for office or home napping.

    • Children love our fun, comfortable neck pillow customize options.

    • Gift couples matching personalized travel pillows for unique, shared comfort.

    • Grandparents appreciate the supportive comfort of our custom neck pillow.

    • Congratulate newlyweds with a pair of customized neck pillows.

    • Parents appreciate the practical comfort of our custom travel pillows.

    • Patients find relief and support with our custom neck pillows.

    Custom Neck Pillows for Brand Promotions

    Promotional Custom Neck Pillows

    Elevate Your Brand with Custom Neck Pillows for Effective Promotions

    Leveraging the popularity and practicality of travel accessories, CanvasChamp offers unique promotional opportunities with custom branded travel neck pillows. Ideal for a wide range of businesses, these custom logo travel pillows ensure brand visibility even in the most casual settings like on a flight, train journey, or just lounging at home.

    With CanvasChamp's high-quality printing technology, your brand logo will be boldly and crisply displayed, catching the eye of everyone around. These custom neck pillows aren't just marketing tools but also cozy, comfortable companions for customers, associates, and employees during their travels.

    By promoting your brand with a custom logo travel pillow, you make a statement of comfort, style, and thoughtful gifting that resonates with your target audience. This compelling blend of practicality and brand visibility makes CanvasChamp's Custom Branded Travel Neck Pillows an innovative choice for brand promotions.

    How To Use Custom Logo Travel Pillows For Brand Awareness?

    • Boost your brand's visibility with a custom travel pillow, perfect for your employees' journeys.

    • With a personalized travel pillow, leave a lasting impression at trade shows and corporate events.

    • Offer custom-made pillows for neck pain as rewards in customer loyalty programs, enhancing customer experience.

    • Create positive brand associations by providing a custom neck pillow at local sports or music events.

    • Promote relief and relaxation with custom pillows for neck pain, ideal for customer bundles in comfort-related industries.

    • Make travel comfortable for your clients with a custom travel neck pillow, a great promotional choice for travel agencies.

    • Drive brand visibility by offering a custom car neck pillow for automotive promotions.

    • Ensure your brand travels worldwide with customized neck pillows as influencer marketing merchandise.

    • Spread brand awareness with a neck pillow customized campaign as part of online contests and social media giveaways.

    Why Buy U-Shaped Custom Neck Pillow in Bulk?

    Promotional Custom Neck Pillows

    Maximize Savings and Brand Exposure with Bulk Purchases of U-Shaped Custom Neck Pillows

    Why settle for less when you can have more? Dive into the benefits of buying U-shaped custom neck pillows in bulk. Going the custom travel pillow wholesale route doesn't just mean significant cost savings; it's also your ticket to effective branding. Be it a grand event, employee appreciation, or a strategy to impress a broad audience, bulk custom travel pillows are your answer to a practical, memorable marketing tool.

    And here's the bonus - with a bulk custom travel pillow order, your brand doesn't just stay in one place; it travels, explores, and gets noticed. Buying U-shaped custom neck pillows in bulk - it's all about comfort for your recipients and excellent visibility for your brand, all in one package!

    Shipping Options For Custom Travel Neck Pillow

    At CanvasChamp, we understand that timely delivery is as crucial as the quality of our products. Therefore, we've streamlined our shipping process to ensure your custom neck pillows reach you swiftly and safely. Let's take a closer look at our shipping timelines.

    • Standard Shipping:

      Delivery in 6 to 8 business days*

    • Express Shipping:

      Delivery in 5 to 6 business days*

    • Priority Shipping:

      Delivery in 3 to 5 business days*

    FAQs on Custom Neck Pillows

    Does a custom travel pillow count as a personal item?

    As a standard rule, airlines allow travel pillows as your personal baggage in the cabin. The condition is that it should be reasonably sized. However, airline policies can vary, so it's always best to check with your specific carrier for their guidelines.

    Do custom neck pillows help reduce snoring?

    While a custom neck pillow may not directly reduce snoring, it can help if your snoring is position-dependent. A custom neck pillow can improve your breathing and potentially lessen snoring by providing proper neck support and alignment. However, it's crucial to consult with a healthcare professional if snoring persists.

    How is a custom travel neck pillow different from a regular pillow?

    A custom travel neck pillow is uniquely designed to support the contours of your neck, providing superior comfort during travel. At CanvasChamp, you can personalize your travel pillow with a design or logo, transforming it into a unique item or effective branding tool.

    Can a custom pillow for neck pain help with neck discomfort?

    Absolutely! A custom pillow for neck pain is designed to maintain the neck's natural curvature, providing relief from pressure points. This can significantly aid in reducing neck pain, especially during extended periods of sitting, travel, or car rides, making it an ideal custom car neck pillow.

    What are the benefits of using a custom neck pillow?

    Using a custom neck pillow from CanvasChamp offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides optimal neck support, reducing discomfort and fatigue during travel. Secondly, the ability to customize these pillows allows for personal designs or branding, making them excellent promotional tools. This opens the possibility of creating a range of customized neck pillows that cater to various needs, from custom-made pillows for neck pain to custom travel neck pillows for comfortable journeying. Lastly, these custom travel neck pillows' are made from high-quality, durable materials, ensuring long-lasting comfort and utility.

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