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Custom Photo Wall Murals Designs To Make Your House A Home

Custom Photo Wall Murals Designs To Make Your House A Home

Fill any blank wall space elegantly with customized textured wallpapers

When it comes to wall decor, the first thought that strikes is to paint them. Some also like to drill holes and hang any painting or custom canvas frames. But beyond this, there’s something more which you can do to your walls. Change the look and feel of your outdoor and indoor space with custom photo wall murals.

These custom wallpapers are easy to clean, long-lasting and the best part is that they hold up to any kind of wear and tear. You can even try a combination of half wall painted for hanging your paintings and a half wall covered with customized texture wallpapers.

Want something specific? Now you can dress up your walls with brilliant ideas and make them look exotic. All you need to do is, finalize a design, picture, texture you want and enter the size you want on the CanvasChamp design tool. Then, we will custom-cut and print wallpapers and deliver them to your doorstep.

Wall Murals for Home

Wall Murals for Home

Why not give your home a look that mirrors your living standards with these custom wall murals. Design custom wall murals online and decorate your home easily. Whether you want to enhance the look of your entryway or create a calming and soothing coffee space – these wallpapers are the best choice. Customize a family wall mural with CanvasChamp.

  • Basement
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Dining Room
  • Game Room
  • Garage
  • Hallway
  • Kid's Room
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Nursery Room
  • Girl's Bedroom
  • Home Office
  • Boy's Bedroom
Create Your Own Wall Mural
Wall Murals for Business

Wall Murals for Business

Are you thinking to redesign your office, café, restaurant, or even personal workspace? Now give a professional look and turn any ordinary ambience into a beautiful zone. Personalize professional wall murals as per your business nature and print your company name, logo, product tagline and marketing punchline to transform your office space with decorative wall murals. Get these removable wall murals Australia in your preferred size and high-quality material.

  • Bar
  • Hotels
  • Corporate Office
  • Salon
  • Hospital
  • Educational Institute
  • Gym
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Shops
  • School
  • Stadium
  • Dental
  • Coffee Shops
  • Science Lab
  • Events
  • Interior Designer
Create Corporate Wall Murals

Custom Size wall murals



Whether it is a small space of your home and office, it surely needs a piece of art. Customize even small wall murals with CanvasChamp and illuminate every corner of your area that depicts your elegancy.



Big walls look dull when you do not add a piece of art onto them. Get removable wall murals Australia with CanvasChamp and enlighten your space. These oversized wall murals come with high-quality material and cover every unusual space.



If you do not want any ordinary frame to decorate your walls, then bring something new that is personalized wall murals. These wall murals go perfectly with every wall, and you can easily install them by just peeling and sticking.



Covey every detail of your story with your preferred and exclusively designed panoramic wall murals. Get self-adhesive wall murals in a few clicks and turn your photo into a wall mural that adores every space of your wall.

Welcome Custom Wall Murals Prints At Your Home

Welcome Custom Wall Murals Prints At Your Home

Let your walls look more welcoming with top-notch print quality designs and materials.

    Poster Satin Paper:

  • Wall Paste Type: Dry gum (water active)
  • Printing Technology: Latex print

    Non-Woven Plain Wallpaper:

  • Wall Paste Type: Self-adhesive
  • Printing Technology: Latex print

    Texture Wallpaper:

  • Wall Paste Type: Self-adhesive
  • Printing Technology: Latex print

    Texture Wallpaper:

  • Wall Paste Type: Non-adhesive
  • Printing Technology: Latex print

Order Removable Wall Mural at Three Easy Steps

Select Your Design or Upload Your Own

Select Your Design or Upload Your Own

Pick the perfect design that compliments your taste and turn it into custom wallpaper murals. Upload these preferred designs to our online design tool.

Choose Your Size and Material

Choose Your Size and Material

We have small, oversized, and panoramic wall murals but if you want, you can get custom size wall murals by simply inserting your customized dimensions. You can also choose material to build high-quality murals.

Add Effects and Checkout

Add Effects and Checkout

Try your picture with different effects and choose the perfect one that goes perfectly with your ambience. After that get, a preview of your masterpiece and process to checkout.

Fresh Collection of Wall Murals To Brighten Your Day

Fresh Collection of Wall Murals To Brighten Your Day

Get your walls decorated with customized wall murals themes, designs and more to brighten your mood.

Are you ready to lighten up the space of a boring room? Why not try and give a new life to your dull and damp walls? Let’s fill your room with precious memories of your loved ones with a custom photo wall mural to add texture, colour and personality to your dull space.

Use it in your bedroom, living room, garden area, art museums, music galleries, cafes and offices to cover all imperfection and blemishes of the wall. Don’t let anything stop you from filling your space with vibrant colour, precious memories and inspiring quotes.

Poster Satin Paper
Elevate your garden area or brighten up any space that needs renovation. Whether you have a damp wall or want to change the settings of your room, this personalized wall mural goes perfect with all kinds of wall decor.

This poster satin paper allows your wallpaper to deliver vibrant colour and photo-realistic image reproduction with low glare. That means it gives a glossy finish to your photos. In addition, this poster satin paper creates customized wallpapers that are long-lasting, scratch-resistant, eco-solvent, and Latex & UV inkjet compatible.

Non-Woven Plain Wallpaper
Do you like to return home after a hectic day at work and see four cold and dull walls? Don’t you find it too boring? Now, we have a solution for you to have a little fun and make your walls more lively with beautiful, vibrant colours.

Bring our non-woven plain wallpaper home that jazz up your space with your most cherished memory imprinted on it. It will make you a happy individual and your walls more attractive. So are you ready to design yourself some cool non-woven plain wallpaper?

Texture Wallpaper - Self-Adhesive
Paper that looks real pleases your senses and adds a rustic look to your kitchen and any other space. This embossed 3D and customized texture wallpaper caters to a stunning visual effect on walls, even on ceilings.

Use this self-adhesive, water-proof, light and easy paste customize wallpaper and enhance the contemporary interior decor of your space. Customize your walls with your favourite images that will always keep your heart warm and your place cozy.

Texture Wallpaper - Non-Adhesive
Give your workspace’s entryway a new and elegant style with luxury by customizing a wall mural on CanvasChamp. Then, use our easy-to-access designing tool and engrave your picture, artwork or any quote reflecting your personality.

Get your personalized non-adhesive textual wallpaper to make your place look more appealing. You don’t need to worry about size or time. We will make doorstep delivery of your personalized wall murals with the perfect size. Just give wings to your imagination, and our customization will follow them.

How to make a wall mural from a picture?

It is quite easy to make custom wall murals from photos, first upload your picture on our designing tool, add effects and adjust your picture and process to finalize your artwork.

How long do wall murals last?

These custom wall murals peel and stick have an amazing lifespan. CanvasChamp used premium-quality material and the best printing technology that lasts every wall mural 20 to 30 years.

How to create a mural wall?

Creating wall murals is just three steps with CanvasChamp. Just go to our design tool and avail yourself of the best wall mural printing services.

How to install peel and stick wall mural?

Starting from the top of the corner, remove the outer cover and peel it off. Then gently paste the peel and stick wall murals on the wall to install them easily.

Where to buy wall murals?

The best place to buy wall murals online is CanvasChamp. Because we have a wide range of photo wall murals Australia, visit us, and check it out now!