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Black Friday Decor Sale at CanvasChamp

Are you ready to stand in Black Friday Sale queues? Or are you pumped up enough to get into some crowd pushing? BF Sales are fun to shop but so daunting when one thinks of all the rush and crowd that will be there just like us to buy things.

Why Acrylic Photo Prints are the Best Mediums

Picking the right medium to print is an equally important decision as much as taking the perfect shot for display. It can be a significant impact on how the photo will be perceived, how it will give an effect to the ambience of the room and how long can you expect that print to make your memories last with it.

Why Photo Print Your Photos

Today in our internet-driven world, we see photos shared everywhere and through every channel on our ubiquitous digital devices. Viewing and sharing photos is always a click away, but knowing that how our photos are easily accessible, if we had to pick a few from them to print, then we’d start finding reasons as to why.

5 Reasons Why Photo Books Are The Best

Photo albums used to be a perfect way to cherish your memories in 4x6 prints. They would come in leather, vinyl, or even fabric covers to make your collection of photos look exotic. But the worst part was the adhesive used for the picture in the albums. Not only could you transfer your photos in a better-looking album but also if you peeled the images off, it ruined the photos itself!

Metal Prints - A Prudent Addition into Your Decor

Decorating a home with the best mediums and art pieces might seem like a tough choice- especially if you are living in the fast lane of the city. If air pollution, dirt and dust are your frequent guests, then it becomes crucial with how you adorn your home. 

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