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Acrylic Prints

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Get an Elegant Looks with Acrylic Prints

Print your Photos on Acrylic & Feel like an Artist!

Feel like an artist by using acrylic photo prints. This contemporary style of printing will give your home and/or office a sophisticated and elegant look all in one. Photos on acrylic give all images a depth that can’t be matched with other methods of printing. The shine and detail that go into acrylic photos will cause others to stop and appreciate your portraits.

If you want more cheaper than Acrylic Prints you can go with Photo Boards for more clean and refined look than traditional frames.

Awesome - Acrylic Photo Prints!

Acrylic photo prints allows our customers to let their imagination run free. Any image can be transferred to an acrylic photo print. This style will leave people who visit your home guessing whether you had such photos painted by an artist. The beauty of acrylic prints is the price of having a print photo in the style that would cost maybe triple if bought at an art gallery.

The Possibilities are Endless!

Acrylic prints are also not limited to the size of prints that can be created. We let you be the artist when it comes to transferring photos to acrylic. Anything can be created such as, a collage of images to give a specific room in your home life. If you don’t have anywhere to hang an acrylic print, you can always create one as a gift. The possibilities are endless, and we are here to help create your images into lasting acrylic prints you can hang on your walls.

Ask about Acrylic Prints and get answer in email.

Question and answer about Acrylic Prints

Q: Hi, Can you produce a 60" x 40" Acrylic Print?

A: Dear Customer Greetings! Thanks for your email. Please note that the minimum size we have for acrylic is 8" and the maximum size is 55". Please note that you can refer to our website for placing the order for acrylic prints. https://www.canvaschamp.ca/acrylic-prints Please let us know if we can help you further. Kind Regards, Sam Canvas Champ.

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Q: How do you hang an acrylic print? How long does it take to get one done?Can you ship to another address separate from the billing address?

A: Hello there, Greetings! Please know that when you will place the order you will be able to see the different options to select the hanging hardware.Once you place the order it will take around 72 hours for the complete processing and than after that 5-89 business days for the shipping.Yes you can select the different shipping address than the billing to send the [print directly where you want to send it. Thanks, Ronnie Canvas Champ

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Q: So when you say Acrylic prints. Are photos printed on photographic page and then sealed between two pieces of acrylic. ???.

A: Hello there, Thanks for getting in touch with us. We are extremely sorry for the latte response as there was a technical error in the system. So, Acrylic printing process is done by printing the file on a suitable high quality photo paper and then transfer it to the acrylic sheet through heat transfer method. This procedure conveys brighter and live prints which has a long life and is least affected by outside factors. Please email us your further queries at cs@canvaschamp.com.nz

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