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Get a Double Layer Acrylic Frame that Lasts Your Memories Forever

Get a Double Layer Acrylic Frame that Lasts Your Memories Forever

Open doors for creativity with custom double-layered frames to brighten your space.

Are you bored by seeing an ordinary picture frame made with wood and protected by glasses? Now it's time to adapt something new that is an acrylic frame.

Give your walls a more contemporary look with custom acrylic frames and go a notch up to style your home.

Freeze all your wonderful and memorable moments on this double-layered acrylic frame. Whether in your home, office or any other place, display it and cherish your memories every time you see them. It is an ideal gift choice for your loved ones.

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    Specifications of Custom Double Layer Acrylic Frame

    Specifications of Custom Double Layer Acrylic Frame

    Check out the different sizes and shapes available to decorate your wall.

    • Material: Acrylic
    • Thickness: 4MM
    • Hardware Option: No Hanging Kit, Table Stand, Stand-Off
    • Shapes: Circle, Square, Rectangle
    Multiple-Purpose Uses of Custom Double-layered Acrylic Prints

    Multiple-Purpose Uses of Custom Double-layered Acrylic Prints

    Use it for your home or office decor or gift it to your loved ones and get a precious and heartwarming smile on their faces.

    Create a corner that will add value to your life by simply hanging all your memories, artwork and motivational quotes on these double-layer acrylic frames.

    Circle Double Acrylic Frame

    A circle-shaped acrylic frame will look stunning, complement your space and protect your precious artworks. These solid frames provide stability and sturdiness. So are you ready to take compliments from your guests?

    Square Double Acrylic Frame

    Surprise your loved one by simply giving this custom square acrylic frame on their birthday, anniversary, Christmas day, thanksgiving day or any other occasion. These tiny yet memorable acrylic prints will make them realize and cherish the special bond you share with them.

    Rectangle Double Acrylic Frame

    Our rectangular double acrylic frame is made with super explicit and high-quality material. It enables your beautiful memories to stay in your mind. Engrave your baby, pet, parents or any other picture into these beautiful custom acrylic frames and adore them forever!