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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are the answers to questions you might. If you don’t find your answer below and still need assistance, please contact our Customer Service.

How can you offer such low prices without compromising quality?

This is the most commonly asked question. We are one of the largest wholesale printers in the industry. Higher volume allows us to get materials and supplies directly from the manufacturers at low price. We believe in passing these savings to our customer.

Who are you, and why should I order my canvas from you?

That’s easy:

  • We are one of the largest printing houses, and have been around for more than 20 years.
  • We offer the best quality at guaranteed lowest prices.
  • Our ordering process is easy and convenient.
  • We provide free professional design and design proofs upon request.
  • You’ll like us!
I have a large commercial order. Can you give me an even bigger discount?

Yes, we offer even more attractive rates for large and bulk orders. Please contact our sales department at cs@canvaschamp.ca or at +(800) 993-0992 for more information.

How many colors can I use?

While many online printers restrict the number of colors, photos and graphics you can use, we have no restrictions or limits on these. We can print as many colors as you want.

What are the recommended file/artwork upload specifications?

Acceptable Formats: JPG (High Resolution JPEG), TIFF (High Resolution TIFF), .BMP, .PNG

Vector Files: Line art is scalable to any size, it never loses resolution and the image stays clean and crisp. Because of this, it can be submitted at any size that is in proportion to your canvas size.

Raster Files/Images: Depending on the resolution and Pixel base, images like .JPG, .TIFF, .BMP, .PNG becomes blurry when enlarged. If submitting these files please follow the guidelines below:

  • 100% scale (full size output) at 100 dpi
  • 50% scale at 200 dpi or higher
  • 25% scale at 300 dpi or higher
  • 10% scale at 600-1200 dpi recommended

Thumbnail sized jpg and gif files are not at a high enough resolution to use on large prints like canvas.

File Tips:

Set the size in proportion to the exact size canvas you are ordering.

Can I get a custom size canvas?

Yes, We can do virtually any size canvas you want starting from 8"x8" to 54"x54".

Do you do vertical print canvas?

Yes, we can do vertical print canvas.

When will I get a proof?

If you use our online Design Tool, you will instantly see rough proof and will receive proof from our prepress within 48 hours. If we design your work, it will take up 48 hours depending on design detail.

What if I don't like my proof?

Our designers will work diligently with you until you are satisfied with the proof. In the event we cannot create a satisfactory design for you, you will get a full refund in 24 hours with no cost to you.

What If the color on the canvas is not as I expected?

Our printers are calibrated accurately to print right colors. Our products are printed RGB and we will make every effort to match the color of your design. In rare cases some colors might have some variation. This will not be considered production error. We will not issue refunds, nor accept returns for misunderstandings due to color, depth or tone. We are not responsible for differences, either real or perceived, between the appearance of the product on your screen and the final printed piece. We will address this situation case to case basis. Please make sure to put special instruction if you are very specific on certain color.

What are wall displays?

Wall displays are specially constituted group of canvases that you can order for a special price. They are generally meant to cover the whole wall or an area of the room . You can order multiple images on multiple canvas grouping. When you select Wall Displays you have to then select between the different configurations of canvas.

What is a 3 panel canvas?

3 Panel canvas break one image into different canvases or panels , when viewed together they create a stunning singular vision . Once you upload the picture and select the required size our team of expert designers would do the required sizing , adjustments and manipulations to make it a piece of ART.

Can I convert a color image into black and white or sepia?

On your order form, you'll have the option to convert color images into either black and white images or sepia images or just leave them as they were originally

To convert your image , just create the art / picture as any other normal order and select the requisite option . Our team of expert designers will make sure that they are converted beautifully.

Do we provide the Proof of the Image?

Yes, with the service cost of $1.99, you can indeed proof your image before placing the order.

What is the difference between split photo canvas, hanging canvas, canvas lite, and thin gallery wrap?

Split Photo Canvas: It’s a ready-to- hang custom canvas print in which you can have one or two photos that are split into two, three, or four panels. The best part is, you get an option to place these split canvases vertically or horizontally.

Hanging Canvas: These are neither stretched nor rolled canvas, instead an unmatched amalgamation of these two with the impeccable blend of ethnicity. Unpack them and hang these gorgeously crafted hanging canvas prints on your home/office walls.

Canvas Lite: They come with pre-stretched canvas on 0.5" thick wooden frames. They are useful if you want to use the canvas and get a customized frame on it. They have a thin, sleek and stunning look to it. They come ready to hang.

Thin Wrap: They come with pre-stretched canvas on 0.75" thick wooden frames. They are the ideal choice if you want to put them up on your own. The thick edges give it a very contemporary and professional look to the canvas. They come ready to hang.

Thick Wrap: They come with pre-stretched canvas on 1.5" thick wooden frames. Thick wraps are the ideal choice if you want to put them up on its own. Its thick edges give a very contemporary and professional look to the canvas. Thick wraps come in a ready to hang condition.

What goes on the sides of my canvas?

Normal pictures are 2 dimensional where as canvases are 3 dimensional. So for the edges you can select a solid color for the edges / have the original image extended ( Image wrap ) or have the edges mirror image of the border.

If you have important features of the canvas, we suggest you take the mirror finish option so as to not loose any of the important parts of the image in the wrap. For all other images you can go with either of the options.

What is the Canvas Material that you use?

We use specially manufactured cotton blend canvas for archival printing.

What are Metal Prints?

Metal prints are prints on Aluminum done using our state of the art UV printers. They give a very contemporary look to any wall. Favorite among prints used for offices and conference rooms.

What Is the Material used in Metal Prints?

We use 3mm – 6 m ( depending on the size ) specially engineered Aluminum for UV printing. It is manufactured to last and should hold the colors and textures for a long time.

What are Photo Boards?

Photo Boards are prints on thick dense white PVC material . They give a stunning and sleek look to the walls of homes. Printed using state of the Art UV printers.

What is the material used in Photo Boards?

We use a ¼ inch thick dense foam core material for UV printing our photo boards.

What size can I order?

Any size between 8"x8" to 54"x54".

Note: All prints manufactured by CanvasChamp are Hand made and might have a +- 1 Inch variation from the size ordered.

What is the Peel and Stick option?

The Peel and Stick print is printed on a specially engineered white material that comes with an adhesive glue on the backside which does not leave any residue upon removal.

What is the maximum size you offer?

The maximum size we offer for the Peel and Stick and canvas banner option is 58 in x 100 in.

What is the printing technology you use for peel and stick prints?

The printing technology used for the Peel and Stick option is eco-solvent and latex.

What is the material you use?

The material used for the canvas banner is the same as used for our canvas prints and it is based on a cotton blend material as opposed to other sellers who may use cheap plastic based canvases.

What is the printing technology you use?

The printing technology used for the canvas banner printing is eco-solvent and latex printing.

What is your Policy regarding Import duties, Taxes, and Tariffs?

International Orders : Items being shipped outside the USA and AU will be subject to import duties, taxes, and tariffs as imposed by the country the product is being imported to. The customer (the person importing the product) is responsible to pay the import duties and taxes incurred by customs when the product reaches the country of destination.CanvasChamp is not responsible for any duties, taxes, or tariffs incurred by the importation of products into countries other than the USA and AU. The customer is responsible to pay all duties, taxes, and tariffs as billed by the courier and imposed by the customs and import department of their respective country. If you have any questions about our International Shipping Policy, please contact cs@canavschamp.ca Once again, CanvasChamp is not responsible to pay the import duties, taxes, or tariffs imposed when ordering or importing products into countries other than the USA. CanvsChamp is required by law to declare full value (purchase price) of the product on any waybills or customs documentation. We cannot declare a lower value on your package than the purchase price that you paid. Thank you for your understanding.

What if Duties/Taxes are charged on my order?

When you check out from website , You have paid for your order in full and are not liable to pay any further charges. Our products are manufactured with top rated quality at our worldwide production facilities. In extremely rare cases if duties or taxes are charged on any of your shipments, please email us at cs@canvaschamp.ca and we will resolve it immediately.