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60+ Best Halloween Gift Ideas Guide to Personalize with Photos

Halloween Gifts Guide
60+ Best Halloween Gift Ideas Guide to Personalize with Photos

By CanvasChampSeptember, 21 2022October, 20 2022Comment

Halloween is right around the corner, and it's time to get the best gift for everyone, including your family, friends, and other people you love and adore the most. From personalized mugs to pillow covers, there are so many different options you can eg6t on the market. 

Choosing the best gift is almost impossible when you have too many options. Either you end up with the wrong gift or must spend more on buying multiple ones. We have discussed some of the best Halloween gifts you can take for your loved ones and acquaintances.  

List of Best Halloween Gift Ideas Guide: 


1. Halloween Gift Ideas for Kids and Teens Guide

Starting with the categorical division of age groups, the first ones to receive Halloween gifts are kids and teenagers. Finding the best gift for them is tricky because you need to be creative and find something they can use easily or play with. So, here are some ideas that will help you to get the perfect present for your kids, teenage siblings, or friends.  

Halloween Gifts Treat Bag Tag

Known to be one of the best Halloween gifts for kids and teenagers, you can get them a bag based on the event. From backpacks to totes, you will get an array of options for the gift. There are several products with skulls, scary ghost faces, and the famous Halloween pumpkin prints on the bags.  

Halloween Gift Photo book

Nothing can be more impressive than the photo book for Halloween. Their cover surface will be printed with different Halloween elements, like the scary hoodie ghost, witches, eyeballs, dragons, etc. You can get a lot of options in terms of pages, the number of photos on each page, and so on.  

Halloween Photo Puzzle

This is the perfect gift for kids as the puzzle will keep your kids engaged in the activity. Just give them the separate puzzle blocks and the picture they must form. They will efficiently work on the puzzle blocks and connect them to get the whole picture.  

Halloween Gift Rubik’s Cube

If solving the Rubik’s puzzle is the most love interest, you can give them a Halloween Rubik’s cube based on Halloween. The pictures on the six surfaces will be based on Halloween. You can even customize the blocks with photos of your choice.  

Halloween Didactic Memory Game

You can also give your kids or any other teenage girl or boy whom you know a Halloween-based didactic memory game. It will be based on the educational concept so the kids can learn something and develop their cognitive abilities. It can be chess based on Halloween or a jigsaw puzzle.  

Halloween Photo Playing Cards

Instead of the regular cards used for gambling, you can give the kids Halloween card packs to play with. It will be interesting to play the games with them, especially the ones based on matching cards or those involved with a didactic game. 

Halloween Photo Magnet

Another outstanding gift idea for kids and teenagers is the Halloween magnet. They can easily use it to attach something to any metal surface, like their pinboards. The magnets are available in different shapes, so you don't have to deal with limited choices.  


2. Halloween Gift Ideas for Adults Guide

One of the main challenges is buying Halloween gifts for adults. Not only is it a difficult choice to make, but you also need to work on identifying the best gift based on what the person likes or not. Although there are several options, we have listed a few for you.  

Halloween Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

If you are wondering what to give an adult for Halloween, the best gift will be a photo puzzle. They just need to solve the puzzle blocks and restore the original picture.  

Halloween Coffee Mug

If the intended person is a coffee lover or always likes to buy a new mug for drinking their favorite beverage, the Halloween-based personalized coffee mug will be the best option. 

Halloween Photo Ornament

Give an ornament like a ring or a heart-shaped pendant to your loved one with a beautiful photo inside. It will be a fantastic gift, and the ornament will be valuable for the person.  

Halloween Photo Blanket

Another outstanding gift option is the horror blanket with horror faces or scary ghosts printed on the blanket's surface. Just ensure the blanket size is ideal for use as per the needs. 

If you do not want to give the horror blanket, go for the one with a movie character printed at the top. It can be a Disney princess, Marvel or DC superhero, or any other character the person loves the most.  

Halloween Photo Mosaic

Another excellent and memorable gift you can give this Halloween is the photo mosaic. You must select at least ten or more photos, which will be reduced in size to fill the entire shape, forming the mosaic.  

Halloween Canvas Floater Frames

Photo frames are standard but not floater frames. If someone attaches the canvas print, it will look as if the painting is suspended from the frame instead of having any physical connection like in other frame types.  


3. Corporate Halloween Gift Ideas Guide 

If it comes to giving something to your boss or office colleague, you need to be very selective about the gift you want to purchase. If not, you might give something entirely inappropriate to a corporate person. So, here are some ideas you should try.  

Halloween Custom Diary

Nothing can be as good as a Halloween diary. It will have a ghost or witch cover on the top surface, and the pages can have some watermarks.  

Halloween Poster

Another outstanding gift idea for the corporate people is a Halloween poster. A giant poster made from canvas paper or flex printed where the figurines will represent the ghost, witches, scary eyeballs, spider net, and so on.  

To arrange a Halloween party, you can get the banner based on the same. Most banners can be customized according to your plans, ensuring you can make the most out of the gift and surprise everyone at the office. 

Halloween Coaster

Coffee mugs or juice glasses often leave marks on the workstation. As a result, you can give plastic, wooden, or ceramic coasters with Halloween figures printed on the top. 

Halloween Mug

Another outstanding option for Halloween corporate gifts is the mugs. The best option will be to get the mug to have prints on the surface. You can also try out magic mugs for the same.  

Halloween Mousepad

Like the coasters, the Halloween mousepads will also form a fantastic gift for the corporate ones. You can choose a square or rectangle pad with Halloween prints or a mouse pad shaped like a shrunken head or skull. 


4. Halloween Wedding Gift Ideas Guide

If someone you know is having a wedding before or after Halloween, it’s better to opt for gifts that will be symbolic for both. Below we have listed some of the best presents you can give as a representation of the wedding ceremony and Halloween.  

Halloween Wedding Canvas Prints

One of the best things to give at the wedding is a canvas print. You can choose the couple's wedding photo on the canvas or one of the pictures from their pre-wedding photoshoot.  

Halloween Custom Wall Decals

Another excellent gift for Halloween and weddings can be the wall decal. It is a 3D figure made on a flat base. It looks genuinely unique when hung on the wall and can add more value to the interior décor.  

Halloween Engraved Photos on Wood

Whether the picture of the groom proposing to the bride, or the special kiss shared after taking the vows, you can easily etch the image on the wooden block and give the same to the couple. 

Wedding Framed Canvas

Although canvas is made by stretching the paper over the wooden frame, you can give them framed canvas also. It can be a painting or another photo representing their wedding or Halloween.  

Wedding Photo Book

Nothing can be as good as a wedding photo book. It will have numerous photos, either with a single picture per page or two of them on a single page. 

Halloween Wedding Chopping Board

Another outstanding gift that you can give to the newlywed LGBT couple is the chopping board. You can easily customize the board with a photo-etched on its top about the favorite dish of the couple or the Halloween pumpkin.  

You can also choose the canvas banner. It will be available in different sizes and even with varying thicknesses. Since it is a banner, you can choose the perfect layout according to the design.  


5. Halloween Birthday Gift Ideas Guide

Giving birthday gifts based on Halloween is one of the best surprises you can give your loved ones. It becomes more special when the birthday and the date of the Halloween event are the same. So, here are some of the best Halloween gifts you can give your loved ones.  

Halloween Woven Blanket

You can quickly get a woven blanket for your loved one on the birthday, especially the ones with Halloween figures and prints done in the form of weaves.  

Halloween Throw Blanket

Get a throw blanket based on the Halloween event so that your loved and dearest ones can put it over themselves and enjoy a horror movie on Netflix.  

Halloween Birthday Banner

You can also make the birthday banner in such a format that it will represent the Halloween event. Along with the tagline of “Happy Birthday," you can add some pictures of the witches riding the broomstick or talking spiders.  

Halloween Photo Prints

You can also work on the photo prints for the occasion of your birthday with ease. These prints can be done on anything, like a metal plate, wooden block, etc. Therefore, choose the best option and ensure you can easily surprise your loved one. 

If you want to make a blasting surprise, the best thing you can do is make a photo collage based on Halloween, like a picture of the person's favorite witch or scary skin.  

Halloween Pillow Cover

For birthdays, you can also give pillow covers with Halloween prints. This way, they can easily create the perfect ambiance of eeriness and scariness.  

Halloween Photo Ornament

Nowadays, several ornaments are made in the Halloween figurines you can give to the birthday person. Just choose the right ornament design because the person will wear it for one occasion.  


6. Halloween Gift Ideas for Employees or Coworkers Guide

When giving Halloween gifts to your employees and coworkers, you need to be very specific so that everyone can quickly get impressed with what you are giving. Whether you want to give gifts to your employees or your co-workers, you can easily choose any of the following options.  

You can easily give wooden ornaments shaped like Halloween charms, pendants, and so on. Ensure the wooden ornaments you buy are hypoallergenic because you need to consider thloween Teacher Gie health of your employees or co-workers.  

Another outstanding option is to give Halloween metal ornaments made from aluminum, brass, bronze, or any other alloy. These are lightweight, so women won’t have to worry about wearing them with office wear.  

If you want to give something different, opt for acrylic ornaments that people can regularly wear without trouble.  

With a white or black body and Halloween prints scattered around the surface, these coffee mugs are outstanding and will help you impress everyone at the office.  

Halloween Photo Socks

Although this option is rare, you can give Halloween-based socks to male employees. These socks will have prints of several Halloween items like skulls, scary ghosts, pumpkins, etc.  

Halloween Coasters

To help your colleagues or employees keep their workstations clean and enjoy their favorite beverage or drink, you can get Halloween coasters for them. These are made from various materials, from wood to stone and ceramic.  

Halloween Photo Diary

With a cover page having sight of Halloween skills, witches, or any other scary sight, the diary will be helpful for the employees. They can either use it as their item or take down the office notes.  


7. Halloween Gift Ideas for Girlfriend or Boyfriend Guide

The best way to surprise your partner is through some memorable Halloween gifts. Since it can be challenging to choose from the lot, we have listed some of the best presents that you can certainly give to them without any hassle. 

Halloween Photo Flipflop

One of the best gifts for her will be the pumpkin flipflop. There are many designs for this, like the pumpkin at the center of the flip-flop bands or small scary faces attached to the band along the entire length.  

If you are living with your partner, you can give Halloween pillow covers for the occasion. These covers usually have different prints but come with a black or dark-colored background to make the prints more prominent.  

  Halloween Treat Canvas Bag

Another outstanding gift you can give your partner is the Halloween bag. The bag will have a Halloween print, like a scary face, zombie figures, witches, etc.  

As an ode to your relationship, you can give the Halloween prints as a gift to each other. It can be a metallic print, an acrylic print, or a canvas print. Therefore, you can choose any one of these items as a gift.  

Halloween ornaments have become quite famous in recent times. You can easily give them to your girlfriend and make her feel more cherished and loved on Halloween. 

The mug can have a black or white pastel body or come with some prints and shapes on the surface. The main attraction will be the handle of the mug which will be shaped as a heart. 

Halloween Photo Socks

Another outstanding option is the photo socks. There will be prints or embroidery work done throughout the socks' fabric. You can also customize the accessory according to your gift plan. 

Halloween Beer Mug

A beer mug is always an excellent option for gifting to your partner. But the unique Halloween beer mug is a matter of the next level. Halloween-based designs like skulls, witches, broomsticks, spider webs, and so on will be printed across the mug’s body.  

If your partner is a gamer or a tech-savvy person, you can easily give them the Halloween mousepad. It comes in different shapes, with a single print covering the entire surface or multiple small-sized prints scattered throughout.  

Another outstanding option you have for a gift is the custom diary. It will have a Halloween print at the top and watermarks on the pages. You can also customize the same based on your plans.  


8. Halloween Décor Ideas for Home or Office Guide

There are so many things that you can get, and that's where the main problem is. If you want to decorate the office cabin, workstation, or house with something dramatic, nothing can be as good as Halloween décor items. Therefore, we have listed the best options for you.  

Halloween Photo Wall Tiles

The photo wall tiles are unique in taking the interior's charm and aesthetics to the next level. You can either cover a wall section with these photo toles or make the entire wall with them.  

Halloween Large Canvas

Print a photograph or any other favorite painting on the canvas and give it to your dearest. You can choose different sizes and thicknesses of the canvas along with the surface finish.  

Another outstanding decor idea based on Halloween is the pillowcase. It will have several options like skulls, zombies, witches, spider webs, etc. 

Design an excellent print work with a photo and some text block, print the same and add a frame around it. You can easily choose between an array of frames, from the golden frame to the brown wooden one.  

Halloween Wall Clock

Nothing can be as good as the wall clock as it will easily take the aesthetics of the entire room to the next level. It can be added to your home or office cabin with ease.  

Halloween Throw Photo Pillow

For your home, get the photo pillows, where the cover will have a picture printed on the fabric of your choice. The best thing is that you can customize the photo according to your choice. 

Halloween Metal Prints

These prints are available on thin metallic sheets and can easily hang on the wall. You can either go for the standard prints available in readymade condition or personalize the same with a picture of your choice. 

Halloween Acrylic Prints

Acrylic prints are the best option for home and office décor, thanks to their sophistication and elegance. You can choose any photo close to your heart or any Halloween-based picture to make it more relevant to the occasion.  

Halloween Split Canvas Prints

As the name suggests, the split canvas prints will have two photographs with a split in between. You can either opt for a gap between the two pictures or choose a structure with two different pictures lying side-by-side. 

Halloween Pop Art Canvas

From the bedroom to the living space, you can add the pop art canvas print and fill the blank space on the wall. However, ensure the print is at par with the interior design of your house.  

These coasters are usually made from various materials, like wood, ceramic, etc. The best part is that the coaster will have a photo of your choice kike a natural landscape picture or a beautiful selfie you have taken.  

Halloween Table Mat

Another outstanding decor you can have for your home is the table mat. You can either place it on the dining table or the bedside table. The coffee table and the side and end table will also be perfect for these mats. 

Halloween 3D Photo Prints

As the name suggests, these photo prints will be done in a 3D manner so that every feature of the picture can become more and more prominent.  

These prints will have a panoramic shape, with a smaller width and longer length. You can go for a single print or split canvas prints to cover the space. 

Halloween Photo Blanket

One of the best things you can get for your home is a photo blanket. As the name suggests, the blanket’s top surface will have a photo of your choice.  

Another outstanding option to choose is the photo collage. You must select multiple photos with which the collage will be made and the layout of the collage.  

To add a statement to the interior, choose a canvas banner, as it will cover the maximum surface of the wall and ensure the interior has the excellent look you desire.  


9. Top 12 Unique Halloween Gift Ideas Guide

Are you looking for the best gift idea for this Halloween to be unique and take the other person by surprise? If yes, this list will be the most helpful for you.  

Halloween Magic Photo Mugs

You can have a magic photo mug where the exterior color will change once you pour hot water or any beverage into it. As the color changes, it will reveal the Halloween pictures hidden beneath. 

Halloween Custom Rubik’s Cube

Another outstanding option is the Rubik's cube. It will have the pictures of your choice, whereas the six faces will have six different images. Not only will it be a fantastic décor item, but you can also play with it.  

The photo socks will have prints or embroidered work on different parts. You can have different Halloween prints to make these socks wonderful and unique. 

Halloween Light Switch Panels

These switch panels will have photos printed on the surface. You can use them anywhere. The best part is that you will get these panels in different colors that can be matched easily with the interior décor.  

Halloween Photo Moon Lamp

The moon lamp is a beautiful gift you can give for Halloween. It will be shaped in a complete moon and have a matte or milky white glow.  

One of the best gifts you can give for Halloween is a photo puzzle. It would be best if you solved the puzzle to reveal the actual photo, which can be any scenery, landmark, or anything of your choice. 

Halloween Caricature Photo Stand

This photo stand will be based on your caricature figure. You can get any size of the photo stand and even work on the stand's design. If you want, you can get the caricature done with someone else, also.  

Halloween Custom Aprons

Customize the apron with the best pictures that will look amazing on the fabric. You can customize the aprons according to your liking or the person you will be giving the gift to.  

If you want to surprise your favorite one, you can easily opt for the tabletop. This will be the perfect gift, especially if you customize the same with Halloween images and figurines.  

Get a Halloween flipflop having skulls or pumpkin faces printed either on the footplate of the footwear or along the bands.  

Halloween Sequin Magic Pillow

These magic pillows are truly remarkable since their top surface is made with beautiful and colorful sequins. Once you swipe your hand over the surface, it will reveal another picture. 

10. Cheap Halloween Gift Ideas Guide

It can be disheartening for you if you have a tight budget and cannot afford to spend too much on Halloween gifts. We have listed some of the best gifts you can choose when your budget is strict and tight.  

One of the cheapest gift ideas for Halloween is the photo mug. You can easily customize the same with pictures, texts, or a combination. Plus, they are available in different sizes and shapes. 

Halloween Luggage Tags

The luggage tags are not only cheap, but also, they are handy for the person you will be giving the gift to. You can personalize them with pictures and even the name of the person.  

These prints will be done on the posters that you can stick on the wall as a décor item. As a result, you won't have to worry further about breaking the bank to decorate the wall. The best thing is choosing a photo that perfectly represents the event, Halloween.  

You can also have the photo prints as a Halloween gift. This way, you don't have to spend too much, and nothing will hinder you from surprising the person close to your heart.  


Halloween Gift Set or Bundle: 

You can also order some of Halloween's best gift sets or bundles. Type in the following codes and the set will be displayed on your screen. 

Halloween Bundle Offer

  • B2G1 
  • B9G4 
  • B6G3 

These gifts are truly unique for Halloween, especially if you want to surprise someone with an outstanding hamper. 


Halloween Gift Certificate:

Halloween Gift Certificate

If you are unaware of what the person loves or don't have time to choose the gift item from CanvasChamp, you can get their halloween gift certificate. It's like a coupon. Once you give it to the intended person, they can buy anything from the store's vast collection according to their link.  


FAQs on Halloween Day: 


Q. Where can I wholesale Halloween gifts?  

If you are looking for wholesale Halloween gifts for your employees, friend circle, the entire family, and so on, CanvasChamp is the best place to do so. The shop offers excellent discounts on bulk products. Besides, you can get an array of items for your loved ones or acquaintances.  


Q. Where can I get cheap Halloween products wholesale?  

Finding cheap gifts wholesale for Halloween is not so easy. Therefore, you can look at the collection of CanvasChamp. Not only are their products cheaper, but they also feature the highest quality. 


Q. What's a perfect Halloween gift for kids?  

The perfect Halloween gift for the kids is a photo puzzle. It will keep them engaged for a long time and help them become more concentrated and focused. 


Q. Why do Halloween decorations go on sale so early in the year? 

As more people are willing to celebrate Halloween, the décor items are in huge demand. But everyone cannot get these items due to budget constraints. Therefore they have been on sale so early this year: everyone can get their favorite items without worrying about the cost or out-of-stock options. 


Q. What can be a perfect gift for a Halloween party?  

Since there are so many options for Halloween party gifts, it is complicated to find the best one. But you can get the Halloween banner since it will act as the décor element and become a host gift. You can even customize the banner according to the party's theme. 


Q. What are some spooky DIY Halloween decorations ideas? 

Some of the best spooky DIY Halloween decoration ideas are using white threads to make spider webs, pumpkins and scary faces, witch hats, and so on. 


Q. What are some Halloween party ideas for teenagers?  

If you are in your teens and cannot decide how to arrange the Halloween party, then do not worry about anything. You will have lots of options to get the party done. For example, you can host an outdoor party for Halloween or a pool party on the rooftop of a hotel. 


Q. What are the new ways to celebrate Halloween?  

People celebrate Halloween with inflatables as decoration items. They also go trick-or-treating, and children are incredibly excited about this. 


Q. How to make Halloween memorable for my kids? 

You can take your kid to a treat or trick on Halloween and have fun with them. Another way to make the party special for them is to use inflatables or make them design cutouts of scary faces.