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36 Unique Gifts Ideas For Every Relation

Unique Gifts Ideas For Every Relation
36 Unique Gifts Ideas For Every Relation

By CanvasChampSeptember, 21 2021October, 27 2022Comment

Choosing the right gifts for your relatives, family, partner, or friends is very complicated. The difficulty of finding the perfect gift at an affordable price is one of the difficulties of shopping. Moreover, it is also challenging to visit different shops for unique gifts in Canada when short on time. That’s why we are here to provide you with the broadest range of gift options for every relationship, which you can customize online. 

To make the task of choosing a unique gift easier, we have prepared a list of the best and most unique ideas that you can refer to when planning to surprise your loved ones. With this list, you will find it very easy to choose the best kinds of gifts for any relatives or friends that you like so much. Start creating gifts that are unique and personalized by adding your own personal touch. 

Find The Best Option of Personalised Presents for Any Relation :

The below table contains various gift ideas for almost every relationship and occasion. It is intended to give you a brief idea of how you might select the favourite gifts for the receiver. 

Gifts For The Recipient

Personalized Gift Type

Gift For Occasion

Gift Ideas For Husband Heart Shape Puzzle, Quotes On Canvas, Personalized Visiting Cards Wedding anniversary, Birthdays, Achievements
Gift Ideas For Wife Custom Love Plaques, Custom Tote Bags, Photo Ornaments Valentine's Day, Woman's Day, Birthday gifts
Gift Ideas For Newly Born Baby Light Switch Panel, Emoji Canvas Print, Family Canvas On The First Birthday, Baptism and Naming Ceremony, Baby Shower Party
Gift Ideas for a Friend Playing cards, Magic Photo Mug, Personalized Rubik's Cube Friendship Day, Graduation Day, Thanksgiving
Gift Ideas For Sister Photo 3D Lamp, Custom Printed Apron, Photo Pillow On her promotion, Siblings Day, Birthdays
Gift Ideas For Brother Power Bank, Photo Moon Lamp, Personalized Photo Cubes In His Convocation Ceremony, Siblings Day, First Job
Gift Ideas For Grandfather Digital Oil Painting, Custom Sequin Pillow, Large Canvas Print On His Retirement, Grandparents Day, Birthdays
Gift Ideas For Grandmother Photo Blanket, Photo Mosaic, Photo Book On Her 50th Wedding Anniversary, Grandparents Day, Mother’s Day
Gift Ideas For Mother Double Layer Acrylic FramesCanvas Print Table Top, Coffee Mug Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Anniversary
Gift Ideas For Father Customized Mouse Pad, Photo Calendars, Custom Luggage Tags Fathers Day, Work anniversary, Birthdays
Gift Ideas For Daughter Photo Bookmark, Split Canvas Prints, Printed Chopping Board Wedding Day, Daughter’s Day, Housewarming
Gift Ideas For Son Caricature Photo Stand, Custom Pendrive, Photo Magnets When He Comes First In The Class, Birthday’s, Special achievements


Choose The Best Custom Gifts For Special Relationships:


1. Gift Ideas For Husband

Gift Ideas For Husband

When you love someone, you can never express it through words alone. Occasionally, it's appropriate to give them something unique. Express your love and emotion to your husband with the following thoughtful gift: 

a) Heart Shape Puzzle

b) Quotes On Canvas 

c) Personalized Greeting Cards

d) Photo Bookmarks 

2. Gift Ideas For Wife

Gift Ideas For Wife  

Is Valentine's Day near? Have you forgotten your wife's gift? Don’t worry; you still have time to fix your oversight. There are a variety of gifts that you can give your wife this Valentine's Day. Make her feel loved and special by buying the appropriate gifts. 

In case you were having trouble deciding on a gift, here are some suggestions:

a) Custom Love Plaques

b) Custom Tote Bags

c) Photo Ornaments

d) Photo canvas prints

3. Gift Ideas For Newly Born Baby

Gift Ideas For Newly Born Baby

It's always challenging to choose what's the best gift for a newborn! A new baby deserves to receive something special from you! Here are some gift ideas! Of course, some think giving a pair of clothes or toys would do, but hey, everyone else’s thinking the same. 

Create a memorable first birthday with a unique collection of gifts designed specifically for the newly born baby. Your children will be just as happy as you if you bring them splendid and colourful gifts. Try gifting these gifts to the parents of a newborn baby:

a) Peel And Stick Wall Decals for decorating your kid’s room walls

b) Emoji Canvas Print for decorating a kid's room

c) Family Canvas with a special message

4. Gift Ideas For A Friend

Gift Ideas For A Friend

How difficult is it for you to decide how to honour your friend on friendship day? You could choose a helpful thing to personalize to let them know how much you value their friendship. And not just on friendship days, but you can give these unique gifts on their birthdays and other special occasions like Halloween and more. 

Pick from the following list of custom gifts and amuse your friends:

a) Custom playing cards

b) Magic Photo Mug

c) Personalized Rubik's Cube 

d) Exquisite photo magnets 

e) Custom Luggage Tags

5. Gift Ideas For Brother

Gift Ideas For Brother

Giving your brother a surprise gift at his convocation ceremony is easy when you use CanvasChamp. The most extensive collection of gifts is available here to make your brother’s day better. 

Give your brother one of these unique gifts, and he will indeed have a broad smile on his face: 

a) Photo power bank 

b) Photo Moon Lamp 

c) Personalized Photo Cubes

d) Personalized Wall Tiles

e) Photo Mousepad

f) Custom Pen Drives

6. Gift Ideas For Sister

Gift Ideas For Sister

When it comes to your sister, nothing else matters. The best gift for your sister is the one that makes her happy, makes her comfortable, and shows your love towards her.
Though she might demand a lot of things, all she needs is your love and attention. Once she becomes an adult, she will take care of you as your mother would. Give her one of the best custom gifts she can ever receive on special occasions like her birthdays and Siblings Day:

a) Photo 3D Lamp

b) Custom Printed Apron 

c) Photo Pillow

d) Customized Wall Clock

e) 3D Photo Printing

f) Poster Calendars

7. Gift Ideas For Grandmother

Gift Ideas For Grandmother

Next time when you visit your Gramma, make sure you present her with a beautiful gift and express your respect. In addition to being proud of you, she will be eager to kiss you on the forehead and give you her blessings. 

Listed items are some great ideas that you can gift your grandmother on her 50th anniversary. 

a) Digital Oil Painting

b) Custom Sequin Pillow

c) Large Canvas Print

8. Gift Ideas For GrandFather

Gift Ideas For GrandFather

Grandfathers are the most adored by their grandchildren because they provide everything they need while showing much affection. Therefore, you should take advantage of this opportunity to do something for your Grandpa, make him feel nostalgic and happy, and thank him for everything he has done for you and your Dad. 

While you are visiting him on his retirement day, you might want to bring him a retirement gift that makes him happy and makes him enjoy those retirement days. Keep this moment alive with Canvaschamp. 

a) Blanket featuring your favourite photos,

b) Large Canvas Print, 

c) Photo Book 

9. Gift Ideas For Mother

Gift Ideas For Mother

What is the most significant gift you have ever received? Would you say it is your mother? Thank her for her thoughtfulness and present her with an excellent gift that will touch her heart. 

The thought of giving a gift from your first salary to your mother is common among many of us. We at Canvaschamps offer you the opportunity to surprise her with the best gift you can give to her. 

a) Double Layer Acrylic Frames

b) Canvas Print Tabletop

c) Coffee Mug

d) Custom Woven Blankets

e) Custom Mobile Stands

f) Custom Photo Power Bank

10. Gift Ideas For Father

Gift Ideas For Father

Families are built upon the foundation of a father. His responsibility as a leader encompasses everything. According to the family’s needs, they can change their desires, wishes, priorities, and almost everything.  

On Father's Day, it would be a great idea to give gifts to the father. Think of skills that he can use in his daily life, and memorize you every day. Pick from the below list and surprise your father:

a) Customized Mouse Pad

b) Photo Calendars

c) Custom Luggage Tags

d) Quote On Canvas

e) Famous Artists Canvas Prints

f) Photo Boards

11. Gift Ideas For Daughter

Gift Ideas For Daughter

The gifts your daughter receives from you will be incredibly special to her. These presents evoke memories of the times that your daughter spent at home with you. 

Your daughter will feel pampered when you give her these gifts on a particular day, such as her birthday, wedding day, or graduation day, as these gifts are among those that she will cherish.  

Surprise her by customizing the following gifts for your daughter:

a) Photo Bookmark

b) Photo Ornaments 

c) Printed Chopping Board

d) Custom Photo Calendars

e) Photo Wall Calendars

f) Split Photo Canvas

12. Gift Ideas For Son

Gift Ideas For Son

Your son's first place in class is an incredibly proud moment in your life. By giving your son a precious gift, you can commemorate this victory and make it memorable. In addition, you can make his gifts even more inspiring by personalizing them with Canvaschamp.

Pick up the best custom gift choice for your beloved son: 

a) Wood Prints

b) Photo puzzle

c) Christmas Tree Ornaments

d) Custom Pendrive

e) Photo Magnets 


You can buy and customize your gifts at a reasonable price with Canvaschamp. With us, you have the benefit of being freed from many time-consuming tasks and getting your packages delivered to your doorstep in just a few clicks. Choose and order unique photo gifts in Canada with us to surprise your loved one.