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10 Occasions When Large Canvas Prints Are the Perfect Gift

10 Occasions When Large Canvas Prints Are the Perfect Gift

By CanvasChampApril, 20 2018June, 26 2023Comment

Are you baffled over choosing a gift for that extraordinary individual in your life when they have achieved a turning point? Unfortunately, it’s a circumstance we have all been in, and it turns out to be more mind-boggling when it appears like that individual, as of now, has everything. There is an answer, however: gifting them an extensive custom large canvas print.

When you choose to gift a large canvas print, the critical step is making sense of what ought to be on it. It could be a photograph of an uncommon minute you shared, a place they cherish going to, or their pet. The alternatives are perpetual!

Here are 10 occasions when large canvas prints make the best gifts:

1. Graduation Day

2. Birthday 

3. Anniversary

4. Housewarming

5. Thanks Giving

6. Engagement 

7. Fall

8. Father’s Day

9. Mother’s Day

10. Christmas


Let’s Begin:

There exists a large number of chances to gift a print. However, to keep it simple, we've picked ten events that work as large canvas prints are a perfect gift.

1. Gift On Graduation

large canvas for graduation day

At the point when your most loved relative or companion moves on from college or school, it's an excellent opportunity to celebrate! It's a period of enormous change, and one of these milestones is the point at which the new graduate moves into their own place. Unless they have received a fantastic offer soon after stepping out of school, there's a decent possibility that the new graduate should ration and put something aside for some time to make a decent living. So enhancing most likely won't be their top need. That is why large canvas prints make such an incredible gift in this circumstance. You're helping your most loved graduate design the new place while perceiving this vital accomplishment.

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2. A Birthday Gift

large canvas print for birthday gift

You present your friends and family with a birthday exhibit each year. However, can you recall the last time you gifted them something extraordinary?

A printed canvas print makes a fantastic present (particularly if you've given that individual some dreary things in years past). It's a unique blessing that shows how well you know and value them.

Similarly, as with a large canvas print for a graduate, consider printing out a bit of unique art or a photograph of shared memory (like from an excursion or some occasion). They will indeed be touched that you recollected that critical minute or that delightful scene. It may very well be outstanding amongst other endowments that an individual has ever gotten.

3. A Gift On Their Anniversary

large canvas print for anniversary gift

Are your folks or grandparents praising a memorable anniversary celebration? Maybe you and your life partner are the fortunate couples praising your adoration.

You could stay with those obsolete anniversary present rules-pearls for the 30th commemoration, ruby for the 40th, gold for the 50th. Or, on the other hand, you could give a substantially more critical present (and considerably more moderate than a gemstone or valuable metal).

Did the couple’s wedding trip somewhere outlandish? Print out a canvas with a photograph from that area. Perhaps the couple has been honoured with countless (and if they're fortunate, heaps of grandchildren - conceivably even fantastic grandchildren). A printed canvas of the entire family would be a terrific method to celebrate a massive development, and the upbeat couple will have a great discussion piece when the organization arrives.

4. Housewarming Gifts

large canvas print for housewarming gifts

From packing and hauling furniture to emptying boxes, moving into a new home can be stressful and exhausting on its own. All of these responsibilities are combined with the sensation of being out of place in a new environment. On such occasions, plan to make your friends and family feel comfortable with a large canvas.

Ensure that your housewarming gift becomes a fantastic way to mark the new beginning in their life, and later they will thank you for hosting such a beautiful gift, whether it's their first or a new home. 

The gift of a lovely oil painting on a canvas will begin to create a feeling of warmth, comfort, and familiarity in a new room. It will make the recipient excited to decorate their new house on their own with a large-size canvas and share this feeling of happiness with you and others. 

5. Thank You Gifts

large canvas print as Thank You Gifts

It doesn't always feel like merely saying "thank you" is enough. There's no better way to show your gratitude than with an excellent present, whether you're thanking them for being a wonderful friend or a great partner. ‘Thank You’ gift ideas should always be personalized as they help show your loved ones how thankful you are for them and make them feel special. 

Gift a Customized canvas print to your office colleagues to show gratitude. Also, remember the present should reflect their hobbies or desires, so they know you put effort into finding the right gift to express your appreciation!

6. Engagement Gifts

large canvas print as a Engagement Gifts

You've recently learned that one of your closest friends has gotten engaged! It's the day they tell their friends, family, and the rest of the world about their love. And, on this occasion, you'd want to purchase an engagement gift to celebrate the event, but where do you begin?  

Many individuals believe selecting a wedding present to be easier than choosing an engagement gift. However, when it comes to presenting an engagement gift, there are so many possibilities, from fun and quirky to meaningful and artistic, but a large-size canvas will make the day even more special. You can give them anything from a traditional canvas print to a digital oil canvas print that will go so perfect for the big day.

7. Fall Gifts 

large canvas print as fall gift

Fall is just around the corner as the oppressively hot summer days begin to recede, and nothing can beat the autumn mood: fresh air, brown leaves, and drinks - all in one season. The cool breeze marks the end of summer, warm clothes, and a taste of delicacies it has to offer, and the odds are that there is someone in your life or even you who's missing out on it. To add more to this beautiful environment, try gifting your BFF this season's cutest home decor like a beautiful large landscape canvas print, which adds to the beauty of this fall.

8. Father's Day Gift 

large canvas print as father's day gift

A father's love for his child is incapable of being expressed in words, regardless of the number of relationships. This is because fathers perform several roles, including best friends, supporters, motivators, positive critics, and many more. We've all been there, and we know how tough it can be to find the right gift for your father just to express your gratitude towards him. Why don’t you try gifting him a beautiful customized canvas print of the best memory you have together. Order it from CanvasChamp, and we will deliver it right to your given address in Canada. Then, as you wait for the present to come, relax and chuckle at some dad jokes.

9. Mother's Day Gift

large canvas print as mother's day gift

Nothing or no one can replace the love and bond that exists between a mother and her child. She's an angel walking beside you who will shower you with eternal love and attention. Mother's day isn't just about expensive gifts; thoughtful gifts will always be appreciated. So, gift her an acrylic prints of her most beautiful moment to express your love for your mother. 

As a son or daughter, you must make the day unique from other days. Your mother will have many beautiful moments in her heart, and it is now your job to make all of her best moments come to life through beautiful canvas prints on this special day.

10. A Christmas Gift

large canvas print as a Christmas gift

The most lovely time of the year is Christmas as it's a great occasion to present gifts to individuals you care about. However, as much as you enjoy giving things, choosing the ideal Christmas present may be difficult.

Your loved one’s hearts will undoubtedly be warmed by unique Christmas gifts like a big-size custom canvas print. It will demonstrate that you have taken the time to present something that is always appreciated deliberately. The most significant idea is to provide personal photographs on canvas or construct interesting photo splits of group photos with the folks you're giving the canvas print to.

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