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Canvas Prints More Than Home Decor

Canvas Prints More Than Home Decor

By CanvasChampAugust, 05 2020August, 26 2021Comment

The best way to decorate your home is with memories that you love and cherish. Photos of previous vacations festivities and simply make your house seem more like home. Take the time to arrange your blank walls with picture art or framed images.

CanvasChamp offers a variety of canvas prints which has an endless number of wall options, making it one of the best ways to share your favourite moments through pictures. Compared to glossy and traditional materials, canvas offers many advantages, particularly in pricing, quality, and overall appearance. 

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  • Top Benefits of Canvas Prints

  • Types of Canvas Prints

  • Popular Canvas Options

  • How to get The Highest Quality Image For Canvas Printing

  • Tips To Protect Your Canvas Prints

  • Printing Methods

  • Conclusion

In this post, let’s look at why canvas is such a popular choice for prints and décor.

Top Benefits of Canvas Prints For Decorating your Home :

You can show your personality through the way you arrange your home. It is essential to create a comfortable, joyful environment in every room of the house when you're designing it. 

Replace ancient paintings and frames with colourful and lively canvas prints to revitalize the walls.

It's no surprise that many individuals choose canvas prints due to their numerous advantages. Discover why canvas prints are the best choice for your home décor by reading on.

1. Canvas Prints are Pocket Friendly

One of the most acknowledged advantages of canvas printing is its low cost. For example, printing a photo on a giant canvas print is less expensive than purchasing a similar-sized work of art or painting.

2. Be the Trendsetter with Canvas Prints

Canvas prints may be used in the hallways, bedroom, and living room to give your home a gorgeous makeover.

The trick, though, is to choose a distinct theme for each room in the house. For example, you may pick a multi-coloured canvas for the drawing-room, a vibrant, soft touch for the living room, and dark hues to fit your bedroom décor.

Canvas prints can transform the feel of a room no matter where they are used.

3. Convey Powerful Messages With Canvas Prints

Canvas prints, much to your surprise, can transform people's moods as well as transmit powerful messages. Legendary painters have traditionally utilized canvas paintings to convey profound creative ideas. 

Most modern offices use canvas prints in their wall décor designs, primarily because they influence people's decision-making capacity.

4. Canvas Prints are Designed For Durability

Canvas printing is a classic and sophisticated choice. The canvas prints are made of long-lasting material. This ensures that the printed canvas picture lasts for a prolonged amount of time.

Types of Canvas Prints You Can Design your Home Decor :

Do you have photos that bring back so many emotions and memories that you want to hang them in your home? Getting the print printed, framed, and hanging it in your house could be a good idea.

Because of their uniqueness and excellent quality, Canvas prints stand out in any location, whether it's a home or an office. Here are some of the options you can choose from when it comes to Canvas Prints.

1. Small Size Canvas Prints

The dimensions of the prints range from 8" x 8" to 18" x 24".

Displayed on shelf space or as a small piece of wall art, these 8 by 8 canvas prints are suitable for shelves or small walls. There are a variety of sizes and styles of small format canvas prints that are great for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and offices.

Family portraits, pet photos, holiday photos, and home décor look wonderful when printed on gorgeous small-format canvas paintings.

2. Large Size Canvas Prints

Large-size canvas prints stand out due to their design. An enormous canvas print, which may be as large as 48” x 48”, is excellent for making a statement.

Canvas prints in large sizes are great for hallways, principal living rooms, Bedrooms, etc. These canvas paintings include vibrant colours and fantastic designs.

The atmosphere that canvas pictures create in a room is fantastic. Despite their larger size, these canvas prints are still reasonably priced.

3. Single Canvas Prints

There are several types of canvas décor, but the most common is the single canvas print. Single print canvases are stunning and straightforward at the same time. As a result of its frameless appearance, it can easily be incorporated into any room and current décor.

You can put your own personal touch on a canvas print. Canvas prints come in a wide range of sizes and designs.

You may begin by deciding on the canvas depth. Then, after you've picked the canvas depth, you may change the border design according to your convenience.

4. Canvas Display

Canvas displays include triptych wall art and canvas prints. Displaying your favourite photos in colourful ways is one of the options available, and the other way is to use canvas for presentations of your memories appealingly. 

Many people make canvas displays with pictures of their families, pets, or holidays. These are beautiful gifts for loved ones and are one of our most favoured goods among consumers.

Each panel is roughly two inches apart, ensuring that the entire image can be seen while exhibiting the divide. This distinction elevates your most outstanding pictures to the realm of art.

Popular Canvas Options to Try Now :

1. Feel the Love with Lyrics on Canvas

While music provides consolation for our solace, the lyrics assist us in coping with our inner feelings. Many of us have thought about dedicating a song to someone special in our lives after falling in love with its lyrics. 

Now with CanvasChamp is to make that a reality by having the lyrics printed on canvas to showcase your love and feeling towards them.

2. Live Memories Grand Size with Split Canvas Prints

We all tend to project a personalized creative picture. You may divide a single image across many canvases with split canvas prints to leave a lasting impact. 

Whether you want to divide a single photo into many canvases to give it a more comprehensive look, tell a tale, or narrate an event via multiple pictures, Split canvas prints allow you to tailor it to your liking.

3. Think Out of The Box With Hexagon Canvas

We would like to offer our brand new product, Hexagon canvas prints, more innovative methods to print your memories on hexagonal canvas.

CanvasChamp provides an abundance of areas for you to express your imagination and sprinkle some additional love. 

Every unique hexagonal canvas print is carefully wrapped by skilled artisans, ensuring that you receive the highest quality hexagon wall décor.

4. Be the Artist With Pop Art Canvas

Pop Art canvas printing is a groundbreaking new method that adds a splash of colour and energy to any room!

You can choose from various Pop Art alternatives, all of which are created by hand by experienced designers who work sensitively and considerately with your images.

How to get The Highest Quality Image For Canvas Printing For Home Decor?

Nothing screams "home" like photos of our loved ones or cherished memories. But, whatever you want, we have the knowledge and resources to ensure you receive the most fabulous canvas prints every time. This includes framing your favourite photographs of family, friends, and vacation destinations.

1. Choose the Right Resolution

Choosing high-resolution photos to print on a large canvas first is recommended for those who plan to print them themselves. The print quality is usually high for canvases with higher resolutions.

It is recommended that your picture be high resolution (300 dots per square inch). The higher the DPI, the more pixels the image contains, and hence the clearer the photo when printed.

2. Browse Different Styles

CanvasChamp offers a wide range of canvas print styles to select to guarantee you receive the appropriate canvas print for your area.

A magnificent split canvas painting, for example, may produce a high-impact effect in a vast entry hall, but a single canvas picture may work well in a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

Any type of home, including bright or dark, can benefit from different style canvas prints and enjoy the beauty it offers.

3. Check Out the Space

Another piece of advice from CanvasChamp is to plan out where you want to hang your prints. If you’re going to hang canvas prints, determine precisely how big the frame needs to be according to the size of the wall where you will display them.

You can choose from a large selection of shapes and sizes, making it possible for you to select canvas prints that will fit in just about any space. You may decorate your area as you like, whether it's with a huge photo or a succession of smaller frames.

Tips To Protect Your Canvas Prints :

Knowing how to preserve your home decor canvas prints from harm is essential for creating beautiful home decor. However, you can take some simple measures to ensure that your work will remain immaculate for generations to come.

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Try to keep the canvas prints away from direct sunlight. As you explore, intense sunlight can drain the colour from the canvas.

2. Stay Clear of Dampness

Avoid placing your canvas in damp places. You will notice signs of dampness first at the back of the canvas print. In addition, decolorization and odd colour marks may appear with time if placed in damp conditions.

3. Dust Them Regularly

You should clean or at least dust your canvas prints daily. This is done to ensure that no dust is accumulated over the canvas over time. By doing so, you can also lookout for any flaking points, if there are any.

4. Away From Daily Reach

Take an appropriate amount of time to decide where you should hand the canvas print. The reason to do so is to keep it away from wagging tails and small hands.

Printing Methods And Raw Material Used In Canvas Painting :

Owing to the state of the art technology advancement in printing technology, canvas printing’s popularity has risen. And we at CanvasChamp have always stayed up to date with the promotion. Check out the printing techniques, material, and various other things we use and do to print your beloved memories over canvases and make them eternal forever.

1. Printing Technologies

HP Designjet Z6100 and Epson S60600L 60” are the latest cutting-edge printers. These printers are equipped with the newest modification to make your canvas more accurate and give clear images.

2. Ink Used

There are several types of ink available in the market used in canvas printing. We at CanvasChamp use the following kind of ink to make your print more vibrant:

  • Water-based Dye/Pigment
  • Solvent Ink
  • Indigo
  • Toner Ink
  • UV Curable

3. Wooden panel/Stretcher Bar

CanvasChamp uses the Varnish printing or gallery wrapping method. The Canvas prints made of Kiln-cured pine guarantee their durability. And to ensure that we use the best practices of wood harvesting, our kiln-cured pine is certified by forest services.

Conclusion: Why Choose CanvasChamp :

CanvasChamp understands the uniqueness of love and is passionate about creating art of your best moments. 

Our Key Specialities:

  • Easy and quick customer service
  • Fast and punctual delivery
  • Pocket-friendly prints
  • Canvas prints are made and handled with great care and love
  • Wide range of canvas prints

We provided our consumers with an easy-to-use design tool to customize the artwork according to their taste. Also, you can plan to choose more canvas options from CanvasChamp and pair them with other customized options. Most options that go best with canvas are a photo wall tile, acrylic prints, emoji canvas, or go for wedding canvas prints for making your room look more personal.

No matter your desire, CanvasChamp has an option for you; try customizing what you feel so close to your heart now.