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National Hugging Day - Hug Day Gift Ideas to Store Memories

Hug Day Gift Ideas to Store Memories
National Hugging Day - Hug Day Gift Ideas to Store Memories

By CanvasChampJanuary, 17 2022January, 17 2022Comment

Greeting your friends, family, and others with a hug is an excellent way to express your feelings and show your love. This is the primary reason we have a dedicated day for hugs called the national hug day. However, many feel confused in matching the cozy hugs with a precious gift to match the essence of hug day. Therefore, it is all about finding an ideal gift according to their needs. 

Further, there is no match to the top photo gifts from online companies like CanvasChamp that can be customized according to the needs. So let us help you celebrate this occasion with the nicest friendship and feelings with our top gift ideas.

Hug Day Gift Ideas to Capture Memories

Are you bored of giving something familiar to your loved ones on birthdays, festivals, and other occasions? Well, we’ve got an excellent solution for your gifting needs. So why not go for the highly customized photo gifts from CanvasChamp on this national free hug day. 

It is not only a good option but an affordable way to capture memories on valuable items. But, unfortunately, there is a lot to choose from that further leads to confusion. So, below are the top picks in the hug day gift ideas.

1. Canvas Print

Canvas Print for National Hug Day

It is easy to embark on the national hug day with high-quality canvas prints. These are available in different size and pane options to match your décor requirements. The state-of-the-art printer promises to capture the moment’s essence and offers dedicated printing on the canvases.

CanvasChamp offers a range of canvas prints with hand-crafted woodworks and multiple customization options. Our in-built design creating tool makes it easy to get your photo printed on the canvas on this hug day. The size options start from 8*8inches and range up to 24*36 inches, with an option available in customized size.

2. Custom Wall Display

Custom Wall Display for National Hug Day

If you think that your loved ones will like some wall display, we’ve got the custom wall display in our list of hug day gift ideas. These wall displays can fit in your home, office, or vacation home walls elegantly without causing any pop-up or dullness issues. So, have you decided on the photo to print on these custom wall displays?

CanvasChamp offers high-quality and affordable custom wall displays on this national free hug day. According to your needs, you can select from the three panels, four-panel, five-panel, seven-panel, nine-panel, and ten-panel displays. Hence, these are ideal gifts for expressing your love with lots of hugs.

3. Quotes on Canvas

Quotes on Canvas for National Hug Day

Moving to something creative in the hug day gift ideas, how about gifting your loved ones their favourite quotes? You can print quotes on multiple canvas types according to your gifting needs. Whether it is a motivational quote or any celebrity quote, there is nothing better than the quotes on canvas for intellectual persons.

CanvasChamp strictly follows quality printing while offering a diverse range of quotes on canvas. Further, there are options to choose from the different fonts and text sizes to make it look funky or contemporary as required. 

4. Lyrics on Canvas

Lyrics on Canvas for National Hug Day

Do you know someone who is in love with music? Let’s gift them the high-quality lyrics on canvas on this national hug day. Then find their favourite songs and get them the lyrics on canvas. It will be delivered to your place promptly since the printing process is rapid.

CanvasChamp offers high-quality lyrics on canvas printing to global users. The best part is that these are available at highly affordable pricing. Further, you don’t have to worry about the quality of final prints—these last longer at your place due to premium quality canvas.

5. Large Canvas Prints

Large Canvas Prints for National Hug Day

If you’ve already selected the hug day images for your husband, why not go for the large canvas prints as gifts? You may have a unique click of your loved one, and the large canvas print is ideal for keeping it memorable. There is a range of size options to match the wall length and requirements.

CanvasChamp understands the modern design and elegance of the large canvas prints. It is easy to go for the size and photo according to your requirements before jumping to the order processing. Don’t miss getting one delivered before the national hug day using the quick shipping feature of CanvasChamp.

6. Photo Mugs

Photo Mugs for National Hug Day

Adding another creative option in the hug day gift ideas, photo mugs are liked by persons of all ages. It is the time to showcase your love on this hug day using high-quality photo mugs. Select a photo of your choice and get it printed on the daily mug of your loved one to let them remember about your special relationship.

CanvasChamp offers options to choose from more than nine mug types and get your photos printed on them in high-quality. You can also go for the photo magic mugs. It is easy to make your loved ones remember you every morning or evening with a cup of tea or coffee.

7. Pillow Covers

Pillow Covers for National Hug Day

We’ll end our list with practical, comfortable, and adorable pillow covers as ideal gifts on this national hug day. These are cute things that attract positivity in every room of your place. According to your requirements, there are options to go for the rectangle or square pillow covers.

CanvasChamp offers quick designing of photo pillow covers in three steps only. And guess what you can choose from the simple pillow covers or cushions from CanvasChamp.

Wrapping Up

After looking at the top hug day gift ideas from CanvasChamp, have you made your choice? It is easy to make your day special by going for the hug day images for your husband. Not to miss is the high-quality and affordable pricing that ensures that nothing can stop you this time! While looking for the optimized execution of these top hug day gift ideas, CanvasChamp is the ideal service provider and is trusted by many global users.