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60+ Best White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas Guide for 2022

60+ Best White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas Guide for 2022
60+ Best White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas Guide for 2022

By CanvasChampOctober, 06 2022October, 27 2022Comment

Because of this being the most competitive holiday tradition, choosing a White Elephant gift for people is quite overwhelming! Some companies organize white elephant parties to ensure that co-workers break the ice and enjoy with each other while friends and families celebrate the day to enjoy just the mad swapping of gifts.  

So, since white elephant day will be soon approaching, are you ready to pick the gift which will be not another weird junk but special and custom-made? Do not worry about the price, as we have listed 60+ gift ideas for white elephant night which are as low as C$5 and as high as C$100.  

Let us get started:  

List of Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Everyone Will Fight For:  

White elephant is a symbol of peace and good fortune. The season calls for meaningful and valuable gift exchange amongst friends and family to rejoice and gratify for everything time and moment has brought to them.  

Here are some best gift ideas bifurcated based on the price for the white elephant season that will definitely make the receivers go all gaga!  

  • White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $5  
  • White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $10  
  • White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $15  
  • White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $20  
  • White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $25  
  • White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $30  
  • White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $40  
  • White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $50  
  • White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $100  
  • Family White Elephant Gift Ideas  
  • Cool and Creative White Elephant Gifts Ideas  
  • Cheap White Elephant Gift Ideas  


1. Best White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $5  

It does not matter what the budget is, all you need to participate in the white elephant gift exchange season is a big heart and a willingness to contribute. Keeping the motive in mind, we bring you a customizable range of gift options that fall under $5, after all, prices do not control the expression of emotions. 

  • Luggage Tags

Putting a tag on your luggage makes travel carefree. So, why not choose a personalized luggage tag and print some good photos and quotes on it, and take it for a white elephant party? 

  • Poster Prints

Some amazing Christmas memories printed on a poster for the white elephant gift exchange will be cute and not burn a hole in your pocket. Also, the good part is that these poster prints would never go out of fashion. 

  • Photo Bookmarks  

For your Book lover friend, get the most near-to-heart gift which they will bookmark forever in their book. Add a customized photo to the bookmark and make it a perfect white elephant gift. 

  • Photo Prints 

Decorate your Xmas tree with aesthetic photo prints. Gift a unique yet affordable gift this time as these photo prints never go off-trend, and it even adds a pretty look to the wall.  


2. Best White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $10  

Who said you need to set the bars high for the white elephant gift exchange season? Well, yes obviously you need to do it with your gifts, but not with prices. Here is a list of amazing gift ideas that fall under the bar of C$10. Quality does not always come at a high price; you can get the best white elephant gift ideas for under C$10 too!  

  • Table Mat

Are you looking for a pocket-friendly gift? You have landed on the right blog. Gift a table mat as a white exchange gift. The table mat will remain a useful one throughout.  

  • Custom Mousepad

A mouse pad is something very affordable. It will be used daily by your friend during office hours. Get a custom picture mouse pad for this white exchange gift. 

  • Photo Ornament 

As the white elephant is a symbol of peace and prosperity. Bring peace to your place and beautify your home with some peaceful pictures of your family on photo ornaments.  

  • Photo Coaster 

If you are looking for some practical and personal gift ideas which are under $10, opt for a Photo coaster. It would be a budget gift that you can take for the white elephant party, and everyone would like to snatch it from you! 

  • Photo Calendar 

Affiliate each month with a new pretty picture of the thing you love the most (pets, nature, animals, places, etc.) via a photo calendar. Present a personalized gift this time by customizing a calendar online and wrapping it for white elephant gift game night. 

  • Photo Book 

Photo Books are newer versions of photo albums. They are kind of an effective way to travel through memory lane. Make them feel lucky to have you by giving them an aesthetic photo book. 

  • Photo Umbrella 

Custom Photo umbrellas are happily accepted by everyone. When you cover your head with an umbrella, looking at those pictures makes you feel protected by your loved ones. 

  • Custom Flash Drive 

Flash drives are important ones to store data. Choose a good white elephant exchange gift by personalizing a flash drive with your friend’s favourite sign or photo. 

  • Photo Wall Tiles 

White Elephant means purity. Gift a sign of permanent purity and prosperity by offering photo wall tiles to them. Fix a beautiful memory on their walls forever.


3. Best White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $15  

The season for wishing good luck and fortune to your loved and dear ones calls for a gift exchange where you give and receive presents as a tradition. From 3D acrylic photos to incredible and innovative frames, find everything under $15.  

  • Acrylic Photo Block

Do you want to relive the beautiful moment spent with your friends? Go for the 3D version of a photo of that moment. Gift an acrylic photo block to them. 

  • Magic Photo Mug 

Magical relations need magical gifts. Enhance the affection between your relations and gift a Magic Photo Mug. They will miss you every morning with a cup of coffee. 

  • Photo Frames 

Recollect all the pretty pictures of your friends, frame them, and give them a photo frame. This would be an affordable and precious gift to them. 

  • Custom Mobile Stand

Are you looking for an affordable yet unique gift for the white elephant exchange? Buy a mobile stand and be ready for your gift to be stolen many times.  

  • Canvas Prints 

A Canvas Print is never out of fashion. It completes the look of your favorite wall. Gift a customized scary Canvas print for the Dirty white elephant gift exchange this time.  

  • Photo Sock

Are you looking for a weird exchange idea for a white elephant? A printed pair of photo socks with funny stickers on them is all you need. 

  • Custom Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cube is the game techies always go to for the best pass time. It would be a gift which shall be most liked and enjoyed by your friend and will not burn a hole in your pocket.  

  • Photo Magnet 

Decorate your friend's fridge with an abundance of personalized photo magnets. Photo magnets are kind of cute and they become cutest when gifted by a dear one. 

  • Photo Mug

For adding more fun to the game, gift an affordable photo mug, which is one of the most-preferred gender-neutral white elephant gifts. Choose a customized funny picture for the Mug and wrap it to carry for your white elephant party.  


4. Best White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $20  

Who says you cannot be creative with simple gift ideas like a photo frame? Everything can be made special and unique like hexagon canvas, and wood art canvas for the white elephant gift exchange season! Just find ways to turn mediocrity into uniqueness that took under C$20.  

  • Hexagon Canvas

Do you want to colour your walls with a unique canvas? Hexagon canvas would be a great gift option for this Christmas white elephant exchange game. 

  • Beer Mug with Handle 

Buy a Beer Mug with a Handle and be ready for it to get stolen multiple times. This all-time perfect gift is enough to stay in your gift receiver's heart. 

  • Custom Diary

Personalized Diary is liked by everyone as a gift idea for white elephants. A beautiful diary for your friend so that whenever she opens it makes her nostalgic. 

  • Photo Blanket

A soft, cozy, and furry blanket is loved by everyone. Printing a photo on that blanket will add extra love to it. Don't you think this is a perfect white elephant gift? 

  • Light Switch Panel 

Are you looking for the weirdest yet most useful gift idea for this white elephant Christmas gift? Go for a light switch panel. It will make everyone laugh and create interest in the game. 

  • Custom Playing Card

Which one is your favourite card game, rummy, or poker? Whatever the passing time, playing cards goes with everything. Gift customized playing cards for this white elephant exchange game. 

  • Spotify Love Plaque 

Are you looking for an adorable gift idea for your better half? A song dedicated to them on Spotify love Plaque will make them happiest. Strengthen your relationship by pondering love like this. 

  • Pillow Cover 

A personalized pillow cover with a memorable photo customized on it can be an unforgettable gift. So, whenever your friend goes to bed, he will miss the time you spent together.  

  • Word Art Canvas 

A combination of some motivating words is always much needed. For this white elephant gift choose a word art canvas with the words your friend will love to hear during your absence. 


5. Best White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $25  

Gender-neutral white elephant gifts are the greatest trend of the season. Do not limit your gifts to a specific gender. Our customized range of gifts suits everyone’s needs. With us, everything is for everyone and that too is just under C$25! 

  • Tabletop 

Are you looking for a stylistic tabletop for the white elephant gift exchange on a budget? Our collection allows you to customize the table tops as per your preferences. 

  • Acrylic Prints 

The high quality and less priced acrylic prints from our stores are quick mounting, scratch free and come with UV printing. Ignite the white elephant gift occasion with them. 

  • Metal Prints 

The resistance of the metal and the beauty and aesthetics of the high-quality printing available in our stores will make your loved one go gaga in the white elephant gift season. 

  • Photo Pillow

Some simplistic gifts are most appreciated when quality is assured. Our range of customized photo pillows gives you the option to get it done as per your needs. 

  • Custom Wall Clock

In the white elephant gift season, bring fortunate times with our best range of wall clocks that signify the occasion most gracefully. Find them in our stores for your loved ones. 

  • Didactic Memory Game 

If you want to give something to a loved one in the white elephant gift season that will help them enhance their memory interestingly, then get an excellent didactic memory game from our stores. 

  • Custom Apron 

Aprons are such important kitchen essentials, and quality assurance is integrally important. If you or someone you love enjoys cooking, get them custom aprons. 

  • Caricature Photo Stand 

Want to make someone laugh, but still rejoice in the gift? Get them their personalized caricature photo stand from our stores in the white elephant gift exchange. 

  • Canvas Photo Collage 

What is better for the white elephant gift exchange than building a memory lane without an extremely personalized range of services in creating your canvas photo collage? 

  • Photo Mosaic 

Photo mosaic has become such a desirable choice amongst people because of the creativity it possesses. Get photo mosaics of your favourite pictures in the white elephant gift exchange. 

  • Lyrics on Canvas 

In the white elephant gift exchange, give your loved one lyrics of their favourite song on a canvas. Get it designed and customized as per your need and give it the feel you want. 

  • Photo Puzzle

If you desire a gift memory, but with the tint of emotion in the white elephant gift exchange, we suggest you get extremely personalized photo puzzles from our stores. 

  • Custom Moon Lamp

The moon is such a symbol of peace just like the white elephant. So, for the season, get moon lamps for your loved ones from our stores and choose from the wide range we have.  


6. Best White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $30  

This is a special time of the year when your love and emotions find an expression. The white elephant gift exchange season makes up for the opportunity to meet, greet, exchange gifts, and celebrate. To rejoice well, explore amazing gift ideas and find the best ones for your best people.  

  • Clear Frame Acrylic

Get the most classy and elegant-looking stylistic clear acrylic frame options at our stores. The look and feel it exhibits makes it the most desirable gift of a white elephant. 

  • Photo Board

Dive into the memory lane that is presented aesthetically on your photo board. Browse through our store and get the best photo board for the white elephant gift exchange.  

  • Framed Canvas Prints 

Home interiors like gorgeous-looking framed canvas prints make up well for the white elephant gift exchange. Find the best match from our stores and customize it. 

  • Round Canvas Prints 

The round canvas print obsession is real, and we know that goes extremely well with good-looking interiors. Gift the round canvas prints to your loved ones in the white elephant gift exchange. 

  • Pop Art Canvas 

With us, you can customize your pop art on a canvas with assorted styles as per your choice and preference. Plan this incredible gift with us for the white elephant gift exchange.  

  • Split Canvas Prints 

With the splash of style and colour, bring excitement into your boring bare walls with our aesthetic split canvas prints. You can now turn pictures into quality canvas prints with us. 


7. Best White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $40  

The season to wish love, luck and prosperity is here! Explore the magnanimity of gift ideas and find your best fits to make up significantly for the perfect white elephant gift season.  

  • Large Canvas Prints

The large canvas prints are ideal gifts for the white elephant gift party. Our customized range comes with a quality that will last decades just like the occasion’s theme.  

  • Canvas Banner

Get the specially designed canvas banner apt for the white elephant gift exchange, customized and personalized to your specific needs. From style to colour, it will have everything you want. 

  • Canvas Tote Bags

The love for tote bags is immortal. For your favourite people, buy tote bags and get them designed in a unique way and wrap this special gift for the white elephant gift exchange party. 

  • Heart-Shaped Moon Lamp

Moon lamps are such a great last-minute white elephant gift rescue idea! Find them at great discounts and offers at our store. You can personalize it as per your needs too! 

  • Custom Flip Flop

We bring you flip-flops inspired by the white elephant gift exchange season which means it is going to last forever! Now you have a perfect gift idea that suits the occasion well! 


8. Best White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $50  

Why struggle to think of unique gift ideas for the white elephant gift exchange when you can just scroll through so many options? Explore options, decide on the present and set yourself for the season’s tradition! 

  • Sequin Pillow 

In the white elephant gift exchange, design and build your sequin pillow with pictures that you love the most. The pillow sequin quality is taken care of well! 

  • Canvas Wall Display

Bringing you a quality that you can swear by! For the white elephant gift exchange, sort out wall display choices from the wide range of collections we bring to you! 

  • Wood Prints

Printed on wood carefully by expert artists, our stores have the most creative wood print plans for your favourite pictures. The white elephant gift exchange season calls for one!  

  • 3D Photo Printing 

Take your aesthetic gifting level one step higher on this white elephant gifting season with our 3D photo printing technology with laser effects to make it look more appealing. 

  • Panoramic Canvas Prints 

All your landscape and cityscape pictures will get a plot in the panoramic canvas prints available at our stores. It is the most ideal for the white elephant gift exchange.  

  • 3D Crystal Cube 

Frame love and precious moments in a 3D crystal cube that glamourise vision and give it to your favourite person in the white elephant gift exchange season.  

  • Photo 3D Lamp 

No more ordinary lamp for the white elephant gift exchange with photo 3D lamps that makes the space look more appealing and aesthetical. Get it customized according to you. 

  • Triangle Canvas 

Get extra aesthetical with a triangle canvas that has paintings and pictures of your choice and preference. Explore our store for options in the white elephant gift exchange season.  


9. Best White Elephant Gifts Ideas Under $100  

Cannot think of gift ideas that are most likely to blow minds? For somebody who is extra special and close to your heart, unravel unique gift ideas and find something that will justify your emotions and make up for a great white elephant gift. We have listed all the unique white elephant gift ideas under $100 below.  

  • Custom Wall Murals

Customize the countertop fitting with your personal design, pictures, names, and quotes that you want. Get murals for the white elephant gift exchange which is not simply different but special too. 

  • Custom Bus Rolls

At prices that fit into the budget, get your bus rolls with custom texts. Create your typography with these custom bus rolls in the white elephant gift exchange season. 

  • Large Metal Prints 

Metal prints at our stores have a slushy matter finish that defines elegance in the most sophisticated manner. Get picture-custom large metal prints for the white elephant gift season. 

  • Panoramic Metal Prints 

Wish to find stunning and memorialized artwork? Get your panoramic images printed flawlessly in metal prints that give a matte finish for the white elephant gift exchange. 

  • Woven Blanket 

With a quality to swear by and a comforting feel, find your woven blankets that are personalized to your needs and knitted to protect the softness ideal for the white elephant gift exchange.  

  • Digital Oil Painting 

Get modern-time portrait painting with digital effects on CanvasChamp. For the white elephant gift exchange, this custom digital painting will grab everyone’s attention. 

  • Custom Power Bank

Who can deny a power bank? The need for power banks is significant. Gift it to somebody who needs it on a white elephant gift exchange.  And they will surely steal it at the party.  

  • Custom Photo Yoga Mat

Encourage your loved ones to engage in yoga by gifting customized and need-specific yoga mats during this white elephant gift exchange season.  

  • Sequin Pillow

For the white elephant gift exchange gathering, get luminous sequin pillows for the bedroom and living room that mesmerizes the vision. Choose from our wide range customization options! 


10. Family White Elephant Gift Ideas  

Family’s love and togetherness bring peace in life, and nothing comes above that. To express gratitude towards your family members in this white elephant gift exchange, explore multiple ideas and find the apt one! 

  • Family Canvas Prints 

For a family present on the white elephant gift exchange season, get family canvas prints that redefine your favourite moments and decorate them on their walls. 

  • Family Hexagon Canvas Prints

Picture your favourite family photos in hexagon canvas prints for the white elephant gift exchange. The canvas quality and artwork will not fail to mesmerize. 

  • Family Photo Tiles

Why go for plane tiles when you can have your family pictures imprinted on them? Bring home the family photo tiles for the white elephant gifting season.  

  • Family Hanging Canvas Prints

From our customized, handmade, and exclusive range, pick hanging canvas designs and then imprint your family pictures in them for the white elephant gift exchange. 

  • Family Photo Frame 

Enrich the beauty of your rooms with photo frames and pictures that add value to your interior home decor or gift them to dear ones during the white elephant gift season. 

  • Family Wall Display 

Visit the exclusive range of family wall displays from our incredibly unique collection of collage picture frames, family trees and other decor options inspired by the white elephant gift season. 

  • Family Photo Pillow

Find pillows of premium quality and then customize them as per your pictures and quotes that embrace togetherness in the season of white elephant gift exchange.  

  • Family Collage Gifts

There is nothing more gratifying than Family Collage gifts just like the white elephant that stands by peace and good luck. Find your custom family gifts from our collection. 

  • Family Photo Puzzle 

Want to give something that defines the value of family roots yet contributes to something productive? Explore and customize the family photo puzzle range for the white elephant gift season. 

  • Family Photo Blanket 

Customize the smooth fleece photo blanket with sharp photo quality displaying the memories perfectly. These photo blankets for the white elephant gift exchange season will be eye catchy.  

  • Family Photo Mug

Mugs are such ideal gifts, and they become more special with family photos imprinted on them. Gift custom-made mugs in this white elephant gift exchange season.  

  • Family Photo Album 

The photo album is a memory chain that is intricately connected to the heart. This exclusive white elephant gift will help you create the most aesthetic-looking family photo album.  

  • Family Fridge Magnet 

Fridge magnets are such an obsession. Now, get the most incredible fridge magnets inspired by your family pictures and needs in the white elephant gift exchange season.  

  • Family Double Layer Acrylic Frame 

Get your family pictures printed on premium quality acrylic photo frames with transparent double-sided tape, amazing for quick mounting making it ideal for the white elephant gift season. 

  • Family Photo Calendar 

Create your family photo calendar that is unique and personalized. Bring this home in the white elephant gift exchange season and present it to the entire family as a meaningful gift.  


11. Cool and Creative White Elephant Gifts Ideas    

Want something for your cool brother or friend that will make them excited and thrilled? Or something that will spark creativity in your younger sibling? There is an erotic set of cool and creative white elephant gift ideas for you to choose the best from! 

  • Magic Photo Mugs

One of the best white elephant gifts could be the personalized magic mugs available at our stores. Get the picture you love, and we will make it look exactly how you want! 

  • Custom Rubik’s Cube 

Now, Rubik's cube fans get a special surprise in this white elephant gift exchange season with customized pictures and visuals that will excite your loved ones.  

  • Photo Socks 

Make ordinary socks extremely unique and special with photos of your choice. Find quality photo socks at our stores and make this white elephant gift season special. 

  • Custom Playing Cards

Playing cards is such a necessity for the times when friends and family gather to rejoice and celebrate. Get your customized playing cards for the white elephant gift exchange season. 

  • Light Switch Panels 

Add the factor of design, aesthetics and glamour into your light switch panels and match it with your incredible wall aesthetics for the white elephant gift exchange gathering. 

  • Photo Moon Lamp

Get a moon lamp that is more pleasing and fascinating than ordinary ones. Choose from our customized range of moon lamps and gift them in the white elephant gifting season. 

  • Photo Puzzle

Get picture-customized photo puzzles that excite all age groups from kids to adults. In the white elephant gift season, add this to the circle where everyone else keeps their white elephant gift and make it more appealing. 

  • Caricature Photo Stand 

Bring smiles with funny, yet perfectly made caricature photo stands available at our stores. For somebody you love, this will be the perfect white elephant gift which you can buy for the Christmas season. 

  • Custom Aprons 

If you or your loved one loves cooking and baking, the importance of aprons is magnificent. Get custom aprons with the look that you want and make your loved one feel delighted. 

  • Tabletop 

Why get a normal tabletop when you can customize it to give it the look and feel that you want? Pick and customized the tabletop from our store to make it look unique. 

  • Custom Flip Flop

White elephant stands for peace and good fortune. Pick white elephant flip-flops from our store and take steps of good luck and fortune. Our range is custom yet stylistic too! 

  • Sequin Magic Pillow 

For the white elephant gift exchange, get the sequin magic pillow with pictures of your choice. If you have one, get it for someone extremely close to your heart.  


12. Cheap White Elephant Gift Ideas  

Not every meaningful and valuable thing has a materialistically inflated cost. Your budget does not always define your emotions. Here is a list of affordable gift ideas for the white elephant gift exchange that will ignite love and emotions. 

  • Photo Mugs 

Photo mugs with personalized and special pictures and favourite colour splash make for the ideal white elephant gift idea that smoothly fits into your budget. 

  • Luggage Tags 

Luggage Tags are so important! Do not miss this small but life-easing stuff. Instead, find stylistic and noteworthy luggage tags at our stores and add them to the gift voucher. 

  • Poster Prints 

Turn memories into poster prints and gist them to your loved ones in this white elephant gifting season. What is more valuable than good times and togetherness? 

  • Photo Prints 

Turn digital photos into photo prints and make a memory lane. Find the best-grade quality prints at our stores and gift them to your loved one in this white elephant gifting season. 

  • Photo Bookmark

Get your personalized bookmarks with pictures, logos, and quotes of your choice. It will make up for the perfect addition to your white elephant gift pack at an affordable range. 


White Elephant Gift Set or Bundle to Get  

One gift item does not excite you? Want to save even more on these custom white elephant gifts? Try using these amazing white elephant gift offers and get more while paying for less!  

Unique White Elephant Gift Offers:  

Bringing you the most aesthetical white elephant gift bundle set. Now, plan a gift voucher and make it extra special for all your dear ones!  

BOSSBOGO - Buy one get one free  

B2G1 - Buy two get one free  

B6G3 - Buy six get three free  

B9G4 - Buy nine get four free  


White Elephant Gift Certificate  

Do you want to do something extra special for your friends and family in the white elephant gift exchange?  

We know the last-minute gift purchase is a challenge. You want to get something extremely special, but you do not have time and you cannot think of something that your loved one would love!  

Canvaschamp brings you the white elephant gift certificate that you can present as a gift to your friends and family. With the certificate, they can choose what they want from our vast and customizable set of gift ideas. 


White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules: 

  • The gift must be a long-lasting and premium quality gift. 
  • Every attendee must have a gift. 
  • The gifts should not have a name. 
  • The gifts should be wrapped. 
  • One gift can be stolen thrice in the game. 
  • A gift must meet the criteria set beforehand. 
  • Each gift can be stolen once. 


FAQs on White Elephant Gift   


  • What is a white elephant gift? 

The white elephant theory is inspired by the King of Siam who gave rare albino elephants to all the countries he was displeased with, with a motive to get them ruined by the animal's upkeep costs. What is taken from the theory is the idea of an impactful gift that will remain for much longer.  


  • What is a white elephant gift exchange? 

A White elephant gift exchange is when everyone in the party brings a wrapped gift and then a drawing game is organized followed by the unwrapping of gifts. 


  • How to play a white elephant gift exchange

White elephant gift exchange happens at a party where every attendee brings a gift and unwrapping happens through a draw game. 


  • How do white elephant gifts work? 

In the drawn game that happens at the white elephant gift exchange party, the person with ‘one’ in the cards chooses to unwrap a gift of choice. 


  • What are the best white elephant gifts? 

Some of the best white elephant gifts could be personalized photo frames, metal prints, flip flops, tote bags, lamps, acrylic prints, photo puzzles, caricature photo stands and so many more. 


  • What is a good white elephant gift?  

A good white elephant gift is something that has meaning, value and a chance to stay for longer. This signifies the gift value for the occasion.