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Hall of Canvas for Family Photos

Hall of Canvas for Family Photos

By CanvasChamp TeamApril, 09 2019March, 28 2022Comment

If you think that you would like to make a Hall of fame of family photos on canvas, here are some tips to get you started.

1. Plan Space

You may have already got an area in mind for wherever you would like to make your gallery wall or, perhaps, you realize you would want to make one however haven’t yet thought of the proper spot.

Whether or not you have got an unlimited space in your recreation room or a bit area beside your outside door, coming up with ideas beforehand can prevent lots of your time and energy in the future. To arrange this area, raise questions to yourself:

Do you wish to feature to your gallery wall as time goes on? If you're to build up your gallery wall down the road, take care to settle on an area which will provide the long run additions on furniture.

Would you want to exchange out photos for new ones in the future? Comprehending this will be helpful when choosing your prints; you may want to consider copies that can be shown without leaving holes in the walls or damaging paint, like Canvaschamp Peel & Stick decal wallpaper.

There might be plenty of spaces in your home that can accommodate a gallery wall of family photos; you just have to observe. As we stated previously, you can fill a massive wall with several smaller prints or two huge ones.

Likewise, you can make a gallery wall in a small space by merely choosing smaller prints. Canvaschamp lets you design your own gallery even with the small photos with canvas printing for such purposes.

2. Pick on Photos

You know you want your Hall of Fame to display family photos, which is great, to begin with, but for the space to look its best, you should consider holding on to a theme to help relate the images in the gallery as though they are all in one more substantial piece of art.

The options are limitless, but a few ideas include:

  • Photos that were all taken at the one single photo shoot or event
  • Wedding photos from different weddings
  • Candid photos
  • Family photos that are all captured outdoors
  • A variety of pictures from different times, even if they span over a decade or more, pulled together by printing them all in greyscale.


3. Decide The Perfect Prints

If you can’t determine a theme for your photos or want to showcase pictures that don’t interrelate, you can also pull them together by choosing to show them all in matching frames, which can all be the same size. Variety of sizes is excellent too, but the frames then will have to resemble each other.

If the family photos you’re printing are of a parallel theme, you can get creative with the products you print them on, mixing and matching  photo on canvas prints with metal prints, acrylic prints with wood prints, or whatever else you fall in love with.

Canvaschamp offers a large variety of photo art products, making it easy to find the perfect prints for your space.

4. Create Balance

When planning a gallery wall, keep two things in mind:

1. Your collection of art is one significant part of a story or theme.

2. There's an imaginary vertical line going down the center of the wall.

Now, place your art evenly on either side of the vertical line to create visual balance.

If your gallery wall includes mixed print sizes, position the most significant piece of art on the bottom-left of the wall. If the arrangement is balanced, then place this piece in the middle.

5. Do a Trial Run

Once you’ve prepared the design of your space and have decided on the family photos and prints that you want to build your Hall of Canvas with, do a trial run to make sure you’re content with it.

Cut craft paper to the size of your artwork and then use painter’s tape to place the paper on the wall area where you plan to mount your photos.

If you don’t have paper large enough to do this, you can also create a frame around the craft paper by just using painter’s tape. Leave it on the wall for a while and revisit it a couple of hours later to assure you still like your formulation.

6. Add a Personal Feel to Your Home

Whether it’s an extensive collection of photos displayed in your stairway or three random small prints arranged vertically along a narrow wall in your kitchen, building a gallery wall of family photos is a beautiful way to add a personal feeling to your home. There cannot be a better way to show off pictures of your favourite people than through wall art.

Canvaschamp has a comprehensive collection of photo wall art products that can help you understand what may suit your surroundings.

With a design tool that lets you customize and edit any print to any size, shape, colour and filters, you get to show a perfect picture for your personal Hall of Fame.