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Custom Gifts for Easter Celebrations 2023

Easter Celebrations with Canvaschamp
Custom Gifts for Easter Celebrations 2023

By CanvasChamp TeamApril, 11 2019November, 10 2022Comment

Yes, people, it’s Easter!

Spring has well and truly sprung (not precisely), and lovely folks everywhere are planning what to do with their Easter break. Most people that celebrate Easter perceive that it’s a Christian celebration of Jesus Christ’s rising.

But, not many of us know where rituals like Easter eggs, cute little bunnies, or baby chicks managed to come from.

Easter comes in the spring which is the yearly time of renewal of the planet. Spring is when our Earth renews itself after the long cold and harsh winter.

The word Easter originates from the name of the Pagan goddess Eostre. Eostre was the goddess of the sun, the season of growing and new birth.

The Easter hare we know and love today originally was a symbol of fertility before. Rabbits are recognized for their rapid reproduction habits, thus making them a figure of new births and pregnancy.

Now, you must be wondering then where did the Easter egg tradition come from? Oh, this is going to be fun to tell you...

In old times, the Egyptians, Persians, Phoenicians, and Hindus all believed that the world began with a gigantic egg. Because of this opinion, the egg became known as a representation of new life.

Long cold winters often left souls with less food and having fresh eggs for Easter were quite a treat. Later, when the culture of lent came about, Christians would refrain from eating meat during the season before Easter.

Hence, Easter became the first chance to enjoy eggs and meat after prolonged fasting.

Colouring and painting Easter eggs for Easter is a tradition that dates back to the 13th century. Since eggs were a forbidden food during lent, people would instead paint and decorate them to mark the end of the period of repentance and fasting, then eat them on Easter as a celebration.

Thus, painting Easter eggs continue to be a fabulous part of Easter for those of us that celebrate. Decorating the eggs in beautiful colours and designs; sharing them with our families has its enjoyment!


Easter Celebrations with Canvaschamp!


If you have been invited to friends or family for the weekend or feel like giving one of your nearest and dearest little Easter treats, then this year, why not aside from the apparent chocolate eggs and flowers, gift a beautifully personalized present from Canvaschamp?

Our team has compiled a little gift inspiration for you…take your pick from the selection below and start getting creative or visit the website for more easter personalized products- maybe a canvas prints- or anything that you can think of!

1)  Kids love the Easter eggs too much or do you? Of course, you do. We also do! What better present for an Easter egg-a-holic than their very own personalized canvas prints of it!

Capture a fantastic picture of the kid's triumphant easter hunt eggs and make a massive canvas of it for their bedrooms! Everyone loves their favourite photos to take centre stage in their house.

Why not create one of the canvas prints, which will make their special memories look even more gorgeous?

2)  Perfect for the dining area! We love this cute framed photo prints, which can be personalized with your very own photos or designs. It’ll make a rather excellent present, and you’re sure to get invited back.

Framed photo prints can also be given as presents to your family members and near friends otherwise as it won’t be well appreciated in colleagues and acquaintances as mounting a memory is not that special for the latter than the former.

3) Who isn’t a fan of the “Keep Calm And…” message? We know we are and with fun custom poster prints that you can spread in your backyard where you have the Easter hunt to start Want one of your own?

Then just visit our website for some amazing ideas of custom poster prints. We have our very own design tool on our website to help you edit your very own poster prints the way you desire!

We hope you’ve enjoyed having a glimpse at our Easter personalized gift ideas. If you like giving one a go, we’d love to see your final design.

Contact us or visit our Canvaschamp website for more personalized products to get your Easter going! Happy Easter!