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5 Ideas To Try Printing On Customized Bookmarks

5 Ideas To Try Printing On Customized Bookmarks

By CanvasChamp TeamJuly, 08 2021September, 14 2021Comment

Whether you are reading the latest edition of the Frankfurt Book Fair, exploring Canadian literature, reading your favourite bibliophile, or auditing essential business documents, a custom bookmark will add more spice to mark a page. 

Though there are options like using old envelopes or making paper cutouts to replace bookmarks, these options won’t give you a personal touch. 

Instead, print your personalized photo bookmarks and make your book reading habit more interesting. Check out different ideas you can try and make your bookmarks look personal, appealing, and irresistible. 

Five Creative Hacks You Can Try With Photo Bookmarks:

1. Print Personalized Photo Bookmarks

2. Print Quotes on Bookmarks

3. Print Kids Friendly Bookmarks

4. Print Personal Message Bookmarks

5. Print Business Promotion Bookmarks

Try the below listed five unique ideas while planning to print photo bookmarks online:

1. Print Personalized Photo Bookmarks:

Reading a book is a ritual for a lot of bibliophiles. Now you can get the attention of your book-loving friend by printing your favourite memories on Bookmarks. Add a personal touch to your bookmark, use it for yourself, or plan to give photo bookmarks to your loved ones on special occasions. Make them feel that you are around them.

Moments you can photo print on bookmarks:

  1. First picture with your parents
  2. First picture with your kid
  3. Your photo with your ideal
  4. Image with your first award
  5. Holiday pictures
  6. Family photo
  7. Photo with Your school friends 
  8. Your vision is your school uniform
  9. The first car you bought
  10. The day you graduated

Also, you can give these personalized bookmarks to your kids with your favourite summer vacation picture printed on them so that your kids can feel safe and push themselves to explore more.

Print Personalized Photo Bookmarks

2. Add spice with Printing Quotes on Bookmarks:

The more you read, the more you can learn. Now boost your reading habit with the most inspirational and motivational quotes that make you feel energized and fueled up to take action. 

You can now print your most encouraging quote on the customized bookmarks so that you get a reason to pick up your book whenever you are stuck somewhere. Just look at the bookmark, continue reading your book, and charge up your mood to stay positive.

Type of Quotes You Can Print on Photo Bookmarks:

  1. Motivational quotes
  2. Iconic quote
  3. Inspiring quote
  4. Quote by your ideal
  5. Words curated by your mentors 
  6. Your goal, mission, or vision

You can also give this quote printed bookmark to your bossy boss or colleague and stimulate him/her to keep patience in any situation.

Printing Quotes on Bookmarks

3. Make Bookmarks Kids Friendly:

Give your kids a new learning experience by photo bookmark gifts with his/her favourite printed on it. You can teach animals, numbers, alphabets and conduct any other educational activity by customizing a bunch of photo bookmarks that increase your kid’s cognitive ability and fine motor skills.

Also, you can encourage your kids to read books more enjoyably by giving them a bookmark printed with his/her favourite cartoon picture: Barbie, Little Bear, Angela Anaconda, or Arthur. Let your kid enjoy reading books.

Print kids friendly items, including:

  1. Name of Colours with same colour background
  2. Animals 
  3. Alphabets and letters
  4. his/her favourite cartoon
  5. his/her admirer
  6. Numbers 

Also, bookmarks help create goals, such as you can finalize the number of pages to read for your kid and set a bookmark on it. 

Bookmarks for Kids

4. Surprise Him/her WIth A Personal Message:

Surprise your loved one by creatively printing your thoughts on the bookmark. When you know that your beloved person loves to read books, then print your message on a bookmark with CanvasChamp and secretly put it in their latest book collection. Now, wait for how he/she will react to your custom bookmark filled with your precious words.

You can deliver a personal message with a customized bookmark to:

  1. Friends
  2. Mother/father
  3. Elder/younger siblings
  4. Your colleague
  5. Your mentor
  6. Ideal you follow
  7. Teacher 
  8. Manager or boss

You can also express your feelings to your mother, father, or even siblings and give this personalized bookmark to them. This gift will be inevitable, and when the receiver reads your message, again and again, it will spread a sense of companionship with your parents or siblings.

 Personal Message Bookmarks

5. Business Promotion

What about marketing your business in a creative and everlasting way? Print your business card on a custom photo bookmark and create a secret place in the book read by your customers. You can also print your company’s logo, mission, and the product’s image or its punchline to always be on the top of your customer’s mind.

What to print on a bookmark for business promotion?

  1. Company’s logo
  2. Achievements and awards
  3. Product image and its tagline
  4. Marketing punchline
  5. Your company’s mission, vision, and goals
  6. Reviews curated by your customers

You can also reward your employees by giving them a personalized bookmark filled with positive messages and memories shared by them within the organization.

Business Promotion bookmarks


Conclusion :

Be it making humour-filled bookmarks, product photo bookmarks, or personal photo bookmarks, for your creativity, the sky's the only limit. That’s why CanvasChamp brings you a design tool through which you can customize your photo bookmark online, add text of your choice, and get it delivered to your doorstep.